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Author: babydolls
Created: December 15, 2010
Taken: 125 times
Rated: G

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Remember cuddles in the kitchen to get things off the ground? [alike?]

Created by babydolls and taken 125 times on Bzoink
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You're English.
You're at college.
You can't sleep without listening to music first.
You prefer to wash your hair on a morning rather than on a night.
You're an hypochondriac.
You like to ice skate but you're not very good.
You're not a fan of Twitter, Facebook etc.
You hate eating in front of other people.
You worry way too much.
Your skin is a mess.
You're a fan of The Raconteurs.
Your house is number fifteen.
You don't bite your nails.
You're signed up as an organ donor.
Purple is your favourite colour.
You're rubbish at making eye contact with people.
You've never watched Friends.
People spell your name wrong a lot.
You have a pet dog.
You enjoy shopping.
You only have one remaining grandparent.
Saturday is your favourite day of the week.
You lose your voice a lot.
You think Shayne Ward's attractive.
You feel lost walking around without a bag.
You've starved yourself before to lose weight.
You're quite stubborn.
You were one of those kids that got up at about five every Christmas.
Bullies have put you off going to school before.
You're a terrible cook.
You hate your hair so much.
You're nervous about getting in elevators.
You don't like tattoos.
You love summer.
Mean Girls is your all time favourite film.
So are we alike?