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Author: markgibson
Created: October 7, 2010
Taken: 11 times
Rated: G

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the survivalist survey.

Created by markgibson and taken 11 times on Bzoink
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training you do/dont have.
are you trained in any hand to hand combat?
were you in the military?
what was your m.o.s?
can you use a firearm?
do you have a preferred weapon?
are you trained to knife fight?
have you ever engaged in any form of combat?
do you prefer to work alone or with a team?
woodcraft skills.
name 2 different shelters you can make.
name 2 ways to purify water.
name 2 ways (without matches/lighters) to build a fire.
name 2 ways to produce CLEAN water.
name 2 essentials for survival eating.
name 2 wild plants that are edible.
name 2 traps used to get food.
name 2 natural medicines and what they do.
what is the easiest weapon to make in the woods?
true or false?
all snakes are edible if properly killed?
its always safe to drink moving water?
it has to be very cold to die of hypothermia?
booze will keep you hydrated?
you can only go 5 days without food?
smoke can destroy body odor?
it is safe to "suck out" snake venom?
it is safer to sleep in a sitting position?
when lost, its safest to stay where you are?
any sound in bursts of 3 (whistles, shots, etc) is a call for help?
eating snow will hydrate you?
you can tell direction from the moss growing on a tree?
a knife is a most important piece of equipment?
can you tell directions without a compass?
your equipment, what YOU would use.
fire starter?
first aid?
cooking gear?
if you were lost in the mountains in the fall of the year for 1 week, would