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Author: babydolls
Created: August 19, 2010
Taken: 204 times
Rated: G

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you are so cool, you are so rock+&roll.

Created by babydolls and taken 204 times on Bzoink
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true or false? are you like me?
you're an only child.
you like to keep your bedroom tidy.
summer is the best season by far.
you've never smoked in your life.
you would quite like to get married one day.
touch screen phones annoy you.
malibu is your favourite alcoholic drink.
water is your favourite non-alcoholic drink.
you're sensible with money.
you're english.
movies and the cinema really bore you.
you always lose at bowling.
you can't draw, but it doesn't bother you.
you live in a village.
you can't sleep without a sheet.
you've got a habit of not using capital letters.
you like to wear cardigans.
you avoid having your photo taken.
you haven't really got any talents.
you love fruit and salad but hate veg.
your bedroom is painted pink.
you're rubbish at using fake tan.
you like to travel.
you're 5'7.
yellow is your favourite colour.
you can't cook very well.
you haven't got a very big appetite.
you get impatient easily.
you nearly always revise for exams.
you like to look at clothes online.
you use a lot of health and beauty products but still look a mess.
you hate rap music.
you love the song 'golden touch' by razorlight.
you're a perfectionist.
you hate dancing.
you wash your hair more often than you should.
you have no idea how to use a nintendo wii.
mascara is your favourite type of make-up.
you don't know what job you'd like when you're older.
you've never broken a bone.
you worry way too much.
you don't get much sleep.
you like ice skating.
you have had a photo took with one of your favourite celebs.
you really wish you could sing.
spiders scare you.
you can keep secrets easily.
you dislike your accent.
your parents are still together.
crime books are the only ones you like to read.
you don't really miss being a kid much.
you keep a diary.
you tried to go veggie but failed.
you like to read magazines.
you hate bullies more than anything.
there's one actor that you're obsessed with.
you refuse to eat at mcdonalds or any other fast food restaurant.
you exercise every day.
you're shy.
you've never had nits.
you can only speak one language.
you watch televison soaps.
you walk pretty much everywhere.
you love greece and cyprus.
you complain too much.
you have a friend you can tell everything to.
you really hate cold weather.
you love to paint your nails.
kasabian are your favourite band ever.
you're supposed to wear glasses but don't.
you absolutely hate your hair.
you love to shop.
you feel weird if you go out without a bag.
sooo are we alike?