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Author: christina214
Created: August 12, 2010
Taken: 16 times
Rated: PG

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For Ashley:)

Created by christina214 and taken 16 times on Bzoink
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Starterssss :D
Whats Your Name?
How Old Are You?
Where Do You Live? City & State.
What Color Is Your Hair?
What Color Are Your Eyes?
How Tall Are You?
How Do You Dress?
Whats Your Favorite Movie?
Whats Your Favorite Song?
Are Your Parents Still Together?
How Many Siblings Do You Have?
Whats Their Name?
Do You Get Along With Them?
Are You Closer To Your Mom Or Your Dad?
Do You Have Any Pets?
If You Do What Kind? & What Are Their Names?
I Dont Like These Labels >:|
Whats Your Favorite Sports Team?
Do You Like Going To The Beach?
Do You Work?
What About Volunteer?
Whats Your Favorite Candy?
How About You Tell Me A Secret?:)
How Are You Feeling Today?
Whats On Your Mind?
What Did You Eat Today?
Are Your Friendly?
Are You Rude?
Whats The Sweetest Thing A Guy Has Ever Done For You?
If I Were To Move To Your School Would You Be Friends With Me?
What Kind Of Phone Do You Have
Have You Ever Been In Love?
What Kind Of Shoes Do You Wear?
Where You Live Does It Snow?
It Doesnt Snow Where I Live /:
Where Do You Get Your CLothes From?
Have You Ever Seen A Shooting Star
Do You Like The Dodgers?
Can You Play The Piano?
Whats The Most Important Person Or Thing That You've Lost?
Can You Dance?
Have You Ever Been To Mexico?
What Do You Do For Fun?
Are You Allergic To Anything?
Did You watch The world Cup?
Whats Your Favorite Animal?
What Kind Of Drugs Do You Do?
Would You Ever Skinny Dip ?
Do You Like Swimming?
I Once Almost Drowned In The Ocean Cuz I Fell Off A Boat :O
Do You Know Anyone In Jail?
Would You Want To Get Chocolate Wasted?
What Color Is Your Toothbrush?
Whats The Name Of Your School?
Do You Believe In God?
If You Got Pregnant Would You Keep the baby?
Whats Something Nobody Knows About You?
Whats Your Favorite Ice Cream?
Do You Have One?
Do You Have A Crush?
Whats Their Name?
How Old Are They?
Would You marry Him Or Her?
Have You Met His/Her Family?
Have They Met Yours?
How Did You Two Meet?
How Long Have You Two Been Together?
How Far Have You Guys Gone?
Has He Made You Cry?
Have You Made Him Cry?
Moving On.
Whats Something That People Always Tell You?
¿Lo entiendes cuando hablo español así?
Yes I'm Mexican :D
Whats Your Favorite food?
Whens Your Birthday?
At My School They Have A Daycare For TeenMoms To drop Off Their Babies
While The Moms Go To Class & Its Free. Do They Have That At Your School?
Who Buys You Most Of Your Stuff?
Whats Your Most Embarrassing Moment?