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Author: exohexoh
Created: August 8, 2010
Taken: 165 times
Rated: G

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Remember that your eyes can be your enemies.

Created by exohexoh and taken 165 times on Bzoink
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Think of the last dream you had. What was it about?
What stresses you out?
What's one song that you can listen to that can make you fall asleep?
Do you tend to trip over air often?
Have you ever gone on a cruise?
Have you ever watched the sunrise?
What about the sunset?
Name a band that you think is beyond overrated:
When was the last time it snowed in your area?
Summer or Winter? Why?
Spring or Autumn? Why?
What season were you born in?
Do you like to play in the rain?
Do you think that by doing so, you may catch a cold?
Who is the last person you said goodbye to?
What are you currently sitting on right now?
Are you listening to music?
Is there anyone you know who always looks like a smug bastard?
Who can you not live without?
What's your favorite instrument?
Do you have anything planned for your next birthday?
How tall are you?
Do you wish to be any taller or shorter?
Have you ever submitted anything to Fmylife.com?
Does the other person's religion matter to you when in a relationship?
Are you currently working on finishing a book?
Do you have a blog? If so, care to leave a link to it?
Is your hair naturally curly, straight or in-between?
What's your favorite sea creature?
What's your favorite acoustic song?
Do you know anyone that's pregnant?
What are you feelings on animal-testing?
Top bunk or bottom bunk?
What's your favorite Pokιmon?
What's your favorite font?
What happens when a sword that can pierce anything tries to pierce (cont.)
a shield that cannot be pierced?
What's your favorite riddle?
Do you use the dish washer or prefer washing dishes by hand?
Have you ever been inside a castle?
Do you know anyone who backwashes? DD:
What do you think happens after we pass?
^ Is it different from what you'd like to happen?
How do you feel about people self-diagnosing themselves with disorders?
^ Have you ever called someone out if you've seen this happen?
Tell me a random fact.
Name one unusual habit that you have.
Did today treat you well?
Do you enjoy calling out trolls/people who shouldn't be on the interbutts?
What would you say if I said that I love you?
Let's get married either way?
Wedding's tomorrow, babe. ily. <3