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Author: kayleigh-rachel
Created: April 7, 2010
Taken: 1,253 times
Rated: PG

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We are dirt, we are alone, you know we're far from sober. Look closer, are you like me?

Created by kayleigh-rachel and taken 1253 times on Bzoink
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Are we alike!? Answer true or false :] ♥
Lyric is from Ugly by The Exies btw! ♥
You're female
You have a pet dog
You're over the age of sixteen
You smoke
You can't live without music
Friends and family mean everything to you
You're in a relationship
You eat too much
You're quite lazy
Photography is one of your hobbies
You want to work with animals
You can drive
You're British
You love taking surveys
You get bored often
You have dark brown hair
Chocolate is your downfall food
You find it hard to save money
You can play the guitar
Your cell phone is black
You look like your mum
House parties are the best!
You watch Skins
You have a laptop, not a desktop
You use Habbo Hotel
You use too many emoticons ;)
Sleep isn't that important to you
You don't watch TV much
Something hurts on your body right now
You have been drunk in the past 48 hours
You'd rather take Bzoink surveys than make them
People find you weird
You can make people laugh easily
You're shy
You daydream a hell of a lot!
Your daydreams can get you into trouble
You go to a lot of gigs
Skinny jeans are way too tight!
You send at least 10 texts a day
Your favourite food is Mexican
You love pizza
You own over 30 pairs of shoes
Dresses are so cute!
You have a cut or bruise on you currently
You're nail polish is usually chipped
You think you're fat
Although people say you're skinny
You love to be by the beach
Summer is your favourite season
You use alt symobls way too much ♥
The internet is addicting
You still own stuffed animals...
...and their on your bed
You like cuddling up in bed and watching a movie
At least one of your names begins with K
You have a brother
That's it! :] If you answered true to loads of 'em, add me as a friend ;]