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Author: loveme-forever
Created: October 13, 2009
Taken: 264 times
Rated: G

you can make me whole again.

Created by loveme-forever and taken 264 times on Bzoink
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If someone tells you a really juicy gossip right now, would you pass it on?
What's one song you can't stop listening to right now?
Do you have index cards in your room right now?
Do you have an attic?
What was the last song you sang out loud to?
Have you ever lived in the country before?
Do you drink coffee everyday?
Have you ever had mice in your house?
Have you ever stayed in a suite?
Do you take good pictures?
Do you remember names or faces better?
Do you enjoy working with animals?
Have you ever been in a tornado or hurricane?
Do you have any bookmarks in your internet browser? If so, how many?
Have you ever seen any movie version of Romeo and Juliet?
In your opinion, which decade has the best hairstyle?
If you're in a competition, are you in it to win it or just for the fun?
Do you have winter, spring, summer, and fall where you live?
Is the computer you're using a desktop or laptop?
Do you know anyone in the military right now?
What's your favorite show on Comedy Central?
How old is the oldest person you know?
Have you ever had braces?
Is there a TV show right now that you just can't miss an episode of?
Which love story would you want your life to turn out like?
Do you usually go to sleep before or after the people you're living with?
Are you into ripped jeans?
Have you ever been to any Disney parks?
Do you watch the Discovery Channel?
Have you ever wanted to live in the Playboy mansion?
Would you ever name your child after someone famous?
Have you ever participated in a car wash for charity?
Which band has the best name, in your opinion?
Do kids often knock on your door on Halloween?
Which one of your exes do you feel like you have the most chemistry with?
Do you like where your house is located?
What's the best hotel you've been to?
Are you into designer clothes?
Have you ever watched the show How I Met Your Mother?
Do you share the same political views as your parents?
How often do you eat chocolate?
Have you ever done any internship?