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Author: malistik
Created: August 12, 2009
Taken: 195 times
Rated: G

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Your Favorite Band

Created by malistik and taken 195 times on Bzoink
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What is your favorite band?
When did you first hear about them?
Why are they your favorite band?
What was the first song you heard by them?
Were you instantly hooked?
Have you ever been to any of their concerts?
Do you own all their albums?
Do you also have any unreleased songs, demos, etc?
What is your favorite band member? Why?
Are you find any of the band members attractive?
Is the band coed, all male or all female?
How many members does the band have?
Has the band had the same members throughout their whole career?
What kind of music do they play?
What is your favorite song by this band?
Do you purchase any of their merchandise?
How many of their concerts have you been to?
How often do you listen to them?
Have you gotten anyone else into them?
Are you a groupie?
Have you ever met any of the band members?
What kind of show does this band put on during their concerts?
What is your favorite single by them?
Are they overrated?
Are they underrated?
Is this band played on the radio?
Are they well known?
Are they a foreign band?
If so, what country are they from and what language(s) do they sing?
Are you part of a fan club?
Do you listen to their music while you sleep?
Do you play the music loudly to annoy your parents?
Do you secretly dance while listening to them?
How do you act when you see them in concert? Do you dance, sing along,
and/or stand still and appreciate the music?
Do they play the kind of music that you usually listen to?
What is their most popular song?
Are they a one hit wonder?
How many singles do they have?
How many music videos do they have?
What is your favorite music video by them?
Do you think you will still be a fan of them in 10 years?
Where do you think the band will be in 10 years?
Does the band change their style often, or are they consistent?
Are they the only favorite band that you have ever had, or have u had more?