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Author: samiilammii
Created: May 11, 2009
Taken: 143 times
Rated: G

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So Testosterone boys and harlequin girls will you dance to this beat and hold a lover close?-top5-

Created by samiilammii and taken 143 times on Bzoink
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Kay sooo.. who are they and what's your relationship with them?
Alrighty. Number 1!
Do you love them? In what sense?[friend;sister;bf/gf..]
When's the last time they were sick?
Do they have a pretty smile?
Do you ever text them or call them? how often?
Is this person creative?
What song reminds you of them?
When's the last time you talked to them?
What book are they reading? By choice or no?
Numberrrrr 2 :D
Do they make you smile?
Do they love you?
Have you ever held hands with this person? Would you?
When's the last time you saw them? When will be the next time?
Would this person look good in a dress?
What's something they have said to you that you will never forget?
One reason why you love this person[because of something they've done]:
If you had to get them a stuffed animal, which animal would it be?
Hello, Number 3 <3
How old were you when you met them? How old are you now?
What's the last somg you heard when they were in the same room?
Last time you texted this person?
If they were a colored pencil, what color would they be?
Are any of their clothes in your room?
Do they like the color Lime Green?
Would this person ever lie under oath?
Oath reminded me of oatmeal. Does this person like oatmeal?
4 =P
What emoticon reminds you of them?
Are they more manly than number 2?
What does this person smell like?
Have you ever stolen anything from them?
Do they have big hands or feet?
Are you jealous of their hair color?
Would this person prefer to be called hott, sexy, or cute?
Can they sing well in your opinion?
Does this person like Sharpies?
Could this person sing harmony with you?
What color is their phone?
Do they listen to Yellowcard?
Is this person obsessed with sharpies?
Do you see them at least 6 times a week?
How close do they live to you?
Does their hair look better long or short?
All together :D
What would you do if #2 said they liked #5?
Are #1 and #3 best friends?
Does #4 love #2?
What would happen if you were all together?
What would happen if #3 and #2 dated?
Has #1 ever liked #2?
Which one did you say "I love you." to last?
Did you mean it?
Who did you hug last?
Who did you text last?
Do you know #2's family?
When is #1's birthday?
Who has the longest hair?
Who has the shortest hair?
Who will you hug next?
Will any of them repost this?
Do you ever use the <3 emoticon to any of them?
Who do you love in a best friend sense?
Who do you love in a more than friends sense?