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Author: shestoohonest
Created: May 11, 2009
Taken: 270 times
Rated: G

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An abundance of randomocity.

Created by shestoohonest and taken 270 times on Bzoink
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Best color of sharpie?
When was the last time you saw the person you have feelings for?
If you do have a crush on someone ATM, how long have you liked them?
Read magazines? Which?
Are tight pants on guys attractive? How about really baggy pants?
Best genre of music (specific)?
Do you know what the 'eternity' symbol looks like?
Would you ever get a job in fast food?
What would be an ideal first job for you, (if you havent already had one)?
Do you live in a house or apartment, or other?
Who do you live with?
You have the power to wipe ONE person off the face of the Earth. Who is it?
Ever tried gellato ice cream?
Have you ever in your life been depressed?
How long did it take to get over it? (If at all)
Favorite TV show?
Watch reality TV, or hate it?
Have you consumed alcohol in the last 24 hours?
When was the last time you had the flu?
What is the longest relationship you've ever been in?
What do the plates in your kitchen look like?
Do you share a bedroom? With who?
Listening to music at the moment?
Certain band you wish would die in a fiery tour bus crash?
Still love blowing bubbles?? I do!
Do you have driver's license? If no, how long until you do?
Name a country you'd love to travel to?
How bad are the winters where you live?
What's your best friend doing at the moment?
What's the best thing about being single? (Even if you're not single)
Did you kow that Disney made it's first Black princess movie this year?