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About This Survey

Author: tootiefruitsie97
Created: March 6, 2009
Taken: 218 times
Rated: G

HaVe YoU eVeR??? ( over 100 questions)

Created by tootiefruitsie97 and taken 218 times on Bzoink
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Have u eva???
Ran into a pole
sniffed cheese
yelled at ur parents
hugged ur teacher
watched noggin
taken a bath for more than a hour
wished you could go to the mall and buy a smothie
gave advice
jumped into a pool and realized your pants were gone
wanted to be a trash man
been to Myrtle Beach
Had a do dog bite you really hard
had a cat attack ur face
petted a piggy
kissed ur dog or cat or even fish
had a a laptop
accidentally went on a plane to Las Vegas
bit ur self
kicked ur bf/gf
ate a bug
ate alligator
ate duck
ate lamb
ate snail
ate cow brains
went up to someone and randomly danced
worn socks with polka dots
worn toe socks
failed a grade
failed a class
been a teacher's pet
forgot ur locker number and combination
drove a golf cart into a ditch
broke ur leg or arm
had a kangaroo as a pet
kissed a bald guy
had a bf/gf
worn a green and pink shirt
stayed on the 13th floor in a hotel
killed ur hamster
stomped on a booger
told ur teacher you were a person who eats chimps
made a pink cake
Made ur friend ask someone out for you
had a piece fo tape suck to ur mouth
had a piece of pizza under ur bed
had a piece of lime in your hair
worn glitter
had a lip piercing
had a belly button peircing
read the Twilight Saga (Saga= Series)
Have you been covered in hair
kissed a elephant
had mold growing on your cheese in the fridge
never heard of mike & ikes
heard a tree falling in the woods
never clapped
been in orhcestra or band
had lemon squirted in ur eye
been a car with a criminal
been arrested
never worn jeans
had a shot in your butt
had a little sisiter crawling up your leg for attention
never worn green
had a tattoo
never had coffee
ate a piece of gum off the mcdonalds table
never had a piece of beef jerky
ate dirt
swam in a river
had been golfing with ur mother or father
read a Robert Frost poem
ate grass
been concerned with the stock market
hit a hole in one in golf
been in the woods
had ur car brake down
broke a antique item
had a pizza night every friday
been on webkinz
heard about the story about that girl on the news Kaylee
been concerned with ur moms style
had ur mom get a tattoo
shaved ur dads beard or moustache
lick ur foot
had a wart on ur pinky toe
broke ur TV
worn a yellow and green ribbon
fed ur cat a balloon
ate a piece of chili with chicken
had a egg costume on
had a chicken suit on
broke ur radio
had a catdo a back flip
been to greece
been to rome
been to west africa
been to china or japan
loved your bf/gf ina akward way
climbed in a air condtioning vent
had a boy or a girl say ur hot
had a baby blanket or a teddy