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Author: loveme-forever
Created: December 24, 2008
Taken: 186 times
Rated: G

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Beware of the Randomness

Created by loveme-forever and taken 186 times on Bzoink
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Are looks important to you?
Which famous person do you think you resemble the most?
What's your favorite CD that you own?
Do you know what parkour is?
What does your desktop wallpaper look like?
Have you ever dyed your hair a different color?
Have you ever felt alone even when you're in a room with a bunch of people?
Do you think you're smarter than your parents?
What's your favorite hair color on the opposite sex?
Are you claustrophobic?
Have you ever felt like there's a ghost in the room with you?
Do you put cereal or milk in the bowl first?
Who's your favorite comedian?
Have you ever cried when watching a movie?
If yes, what movie was it?
Do you have a digital camera?
What was the last thing that made you laugh?
Do you like crossword puzzles?
Are you currently subscribing to any magazine?
Do you know how to cook?
Open the book nearest to you to page 14. What's the 8th word in there?
Have you ever snuck out of your house at night?
Do you get along more with boys or girls?
Have you ever made a snow angel?
Have you ever/do you want to go to prom?
Are you superstitious?
Do you talk with an accent?
Do you know anyone who lives in a mansion?
Have you ever touched a snake?
Would you date someone a year or two younger than you?