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Author: loveme-forever
Created: December 21, 2008
Taken: 87 times
Rated: PG

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I love MySpace

Created by loveme-forever and taken 87 times on Bzoink
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About YOUR Profile
Is it private or public?
What does your background look like?
What's your profile song?
Do you have a default picture?
Do you have a blog?
How much information do you have on your profile?
Where did you get your layout from?
Do you have a slideshow?
About YOUR Friends
How many friends do you have?
How many of them do you actually know?
Did you add any bands?
How much people are your top friends?
Who is your number one?
Do you usually add people or they add you?
Do you have a crush on any of your friends?
Did you delete Tom from your list?
Have you ever searched for someone on MySpace?
How often do you post bulletins?
Have you ever post a chain bulletin?
Have you ever posed as someone?
How long have you been on MySpace?
Have you ever stalked someone?
What do you use MySpace for anyway?
Are you addicted to MySpace?