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Author: your-nightmare
Created: October 13, 2008
Taken: 83 times
Rated: G

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Happy Halloween

Created by your-nightmare and taken 83 times on Bzoink
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Sooo Halloween.
What where you 2 years ago for halloween?
what about 10 years ago?
Pick one Scary, Funny, Sexy, Wierd, or Cute?
Where you ever a edible substance for Halloween?
If so did people try and taste you?
What is the wierdest thing you have ever been for Halloween?
Have you ever been written up for a suggestive costume?
Have you ever cosplayed for halloween?
If so what charecter did you cosplay as?
Have you ever gone on a date for Halloween?
Have you ever dressed up you animal for Halloween?
Do you like haunted houses?
Are people usaully just plain stupid on Halloween?
Have you ever gone to a Harvest Party instead of Trick or Treating?
Have your parents ever gone through your candy to make sure it was "safe"?
Do you ever think they just took out what they wanted?
Have you ever done something your ashamed of on Halloween?
Do you have a tradition of carving pumpkins?
Do you eat all your candy the first night?
Has something freaky ever happened to you on Halloween? explain please.
Have you ever dress like a social group (i.e prep) you usaully make fun of?
If so what social group where you?
Have you ever used fake teeth?
What about fake blood?
Where you ever a mummy for Halloween?
What about a naughty kitty?
Have you ever pranked somebody on Halloween?
Do wild costume parties sound fun to you?
Where you ever sick on halloween? explain.
One of my best friends went trick or treating as a axe murderer, have you?
Do your parents tend to embarrasess you on Halloween?
Was this quiz fun?