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Author: xoliveyourlifexo
Created: September 21, 2008
Taken: 438 times
Rated: G

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About your Parents/Family

Created by xoliveyourlifexo and taken 438 times on Bzoink
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Do you have one parent or two?
Are you adopted?
Are your parents divorced?
Do you wish they were divorced/seperated?
Are you in the foster care system?
If so, what put you there?
Have you never met one of your parents?
Is one of your parents dead?
If they are, what happened?
Do either of your parents have any addiction problems?
What about mental/physical health problems?
Do you sometimes feel like you're the parent and they're the kid?
Do you ever wish you could go back in time and pick your parents?
Do you have brothers or sisters?
How many?
What are their ages?
Are you the oldest/youngest/in the middle?
Are any of them step/half/foster brothers or sisters?
Do you all get along?
Do you all even talk?
Have you ever told them "I wish you were'nt my brother/sister?
Do you have a sister and wish they were a brother?
Or have a brother and wished they were a sister?
Are you jealous of your brother/sister/
Do you think they are jealous of you?
Do you think your parents like them or you better?
Other family
Do you have grandparents that are alive?
How many?
Do they live near you?
Do you see them often?
Do you like the grandparents on your mom or dad's side better?
Do your grandparents spoil you?
Can they cook?
Do you have cousins?
A lot of them?
Did you grow up with them?
Do you have fun with them?
Do you have an aunt or uncle that acts like another parent?
Do you like this?
Last Questions
Do you love your family?
Do you love them because you have to but you really don't like them?
Do you wish you could have a different family?
If you live with your parents, are you ready to move out?
Will you miss them?
Do you think they'll miss you?
Does your family they you they love you?
Do you think you should say it to them?