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Author: dewdyke
Created: July 29, 2008
Taken: 1,705 times
Rated: G

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The world as i see it

Created by dewdyke and taken 1705 times on Bzoink
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Eye color:
Song #1 on your iPod:
Favorite food:
Last time you had boom-boom:
laptop, desktop, or both:
Kind of vehicle you currently drive:
TV show you hate to miss:
All time fave song:
Dogs or cats:
Any tattoos? If yes, where?
Pet peeves:
Turn ons:
Fast food or fine dining:
What hobbies do u have:
R U happy with your life so far:
Dis or Dat
cats or dogs?
chocolate or vanilla?
comedy, drama, horror, action?
boxers or briefs?
go out to eat or stay in?
cars or trucks?
revenge or forgivness?
rock, country, r&b, hip hop, classical, or other?
apples or oranges?
video games or sports?
rent the movie or go the theatre?
coke or pepsi?
winter, summer, fall, or spring?
cold cereal or hot cereal?
Back to the basics...
ever walked in the surf of the ocean:
ever made a sand castle:
do believe in white lies to avoid hurting sum1:
how many hours sleep did u get last night:
where would you like be right this minute:
when did you bath or shower last:
do you eat healthy:
do you take any prescription meds:
have you ever bounced a check: