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Author: colormeindago
Created: February 6, 2008
Taken: 455 times
Rated: G

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Your Horse.

Created by colormeindago and taken 455 times on Bzoink
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Just you
Name please?
How long have you been riding?
Do you like it?
How many horses have you rode?
Do you work for a barn/stable?
English or Western?
How many horses do you have?
Have you ever...
Been bucked off?
knocked out from a riding accident?
rode english?
rode western?
Used spurs?
Used a whip?
Rode bareback?
Which one?
Western or English?
Bay or Sorrel?
Grey or Palomino?
Reining or Dressage?
Western Pleasure or Hunter Under Saddle?
Quarter Horse or Warmblood?
Arabian or Thoroughbred?
Falabella or Shetland?
Bareback or Saddle?
Rodeo or Show?
Watch or ride?
Train or buy it trained?
Carrots or peppermints?
Endurance or Cross Country?
Barrel Racing or Pole Bending?
Bronc or Bull riding?
For the Rodeoer in you...
Do you enjoy a good All Around Rodeo horse?
Why or why not?
Do you like to watch rodeos?
Do you think rodeos are stupid or harmful to animals?
Do you hate rodeo?
Why or why not?
Have you ever considered rodeo?
If not, why?
If you do rodeo, do you like it?
What do you do?
Does your horse seem to like it?
For the showman in you...
Do you show?
Do you like to show?
Who do you show?
Why or why not?
Is it fun or boring?
If you show pleasure, is your horse actually good?
Did you buy it trained or train it yourself?
Do you ride Pleasure or HUS... or neither?
Why or why not?
Does your horse like it?
Do your parents like watching it?
Don't you hate waiting on your class?
Lots of hard work, right?
Finally, you and your horse
Registered Name(if reg.)
Barn Name
Fav. Treats
Fav. Horse buddy
Fav. thing to do
Fav. Gait
Fav. noise
Fav. object
Would you ever...
Why or why not?
Break a horse?
Try a new discipline?
Try to get a friend into it?
Ride bareback?
Gallop bareback?
Swim with your horse?
Do something you didn't know how?
Ok, so I'm a cowgirl... if your not sorry
Aren't rodeos great?
What horse do you use?
What do you compete in?
Hichschool rodeo?
Doesn't it piss you off when you see a poser wearing a Cowgirl t-shirt?
Don't you hate it when people take up all the good land?
Don't you think feed prices suck?