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Author: kbcobraholic281
Created: August 12, 2007
Taken: 805 times
Rated: PG

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BMX survey

Created by kbcobraholic281 and taken 805 times on Bzoink
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Basic Info
How long have you been riding?
Do you bmx on a regular basis?
What gets you motivatied to ride you bike?
Why do you do the sport?
The G Ride
Bought a Complete? or fully custom?
What frame?
What handlebars are you riding?
What kind of fork?
front wheel?..back wheel?
What size Gearing ratio?
Whats the weight?
Most used company on it?
What kind of tires?
Whats the next plan for it?
Ending questions
favorite place to ride?
What kind of Music to you listen to while riding?
Where do you plan to go with bmx?