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Author: jouninjedi
Created: July 14, 2007
Taken: 506 times
Rated: G

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LONG Harry Potter Survey

Created by jouninjedi and taken 506 times on Bzoink
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Character, overall
Male Character
Female Character
Adult Character
Student Character
House elf
Death Eater
What do you think of....?
Draco's "situation"?
Book 1?
Book 2?
Book 3?
Book 4?
Book 5?
Book 6?
Movie 1?
Movie 2?
Movie 3?
Movie 4?
Movie 5?
Danial Radcliffe?
Predictions for 7
Will Harry die?
Will Voldemort die?
Will Luna get with Neville?
Who else might die?
Will Snape turn out to be good?
Is Dumbledore really dead?
Will Harry get back with Ginny?
What will be explained?
Will it be good?
Anything else you think might happen?
This or That?
Harry or Ron?
Snape or Lucius?
Crabbe or Goyle?
Lavender or the Patil Twins?
Fred or George?
Hermione or Ginny?
Lupin or Moody?
Lockhart or Umbridge?
Tonks or Luna?
Bellatrix or Narcissa?
Fang or Arnold?
Headwig or Pig?
Vernon or Dudley?
Harry or Voldemort?
James or Sirius?
Lupin or Sirius?
Lily or Ginny?
Cho or Ginny?
Bill or Charlie?
Slughorn or Snape?
Hagrid or Filch?
Nagani or Mrs. Norris?
Buckbeak or Witherwings?
Dumbledore or Snape?
Fleur or Cho?
Hermione/Ron or Hermione/Harry?
Harry/Hermione or Harry/Ginny?
Avada Kedavra or Crucio?
Expecto Petronum or Sectumsempra?
Hog's Head or Thee Broomsticks?
Phoenix or Dragon?
Centaur or Unicorn?
Book 1 or 2?
Book 3 or 4?
Book 5 or 6?
Movies or Books?
Other stuff
Any absurd theories you used to have?
Do you ever feel bad for Snape?
Tom Riddle and/or Voldemort?
Who is your favorite Weasley?
Ever what Hogwarts to be real?
What position would you play on a Quidditch team?
Who do you really hate?
What house would you be in?
What house would you hate to be in?
Or would you just be a muggle?
Any quote you really like?
Least favorite book?
Is Hermione annoying?
Do you love Luna?
Have you ever cried while reading the books?
While watching the movies?
If so, why?
Sad that the series is ending?
Wish J.K. would write more?
If she did, what would you like her to write?
Ever been to a midnight book party?
When did you first pick up the book?
Are memorable expeirences involving Harry Potter?
Ever done something really nerdy involving the series?
Want to?
Obessesed with Harry Potter?
Read Fan Fiction?
Write Fan Fiction?
Did I sound like Rita Skeeter?
Did you like the survey?
Was it annoying?
Do you want me to shut up now?