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I have brown hair and brown eyes. I'm funny and have alot of friends but alot of people wire me up because I'm more mature than most people my age. I'm also smart and I love zombies. I have a black lab puppy named Moxie. (cuz she has aditude!)

One day I wanna be a famous Book-Writer that has books as popular as the Harry Potter series.

I really wanna Hummer or Corvet as my first car but I know that's not happening.Maybe my mom and dad could split the money for it. I also want my phone back. My mom and dad stopped paying for it because i never answered my calls. A minute off the charger my phone was dead.

On my Third halloween I got a reward from some random woman giving me candy for having the cutest costume. I was Raggedy-Anne. Nothin' much beyond that.

Zombies, dogs, rockandrollmusic, South Park show, Family Guy show, laptop, TV, babies, pizza, buffet, and hot dog stands rock!!

Username:zombiegirl (user #344890)
Interests:(9) and dancing, biking, hanging out, joking, music, reading, singing to music, writing, zombies
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Created:2012-07-10 18:23:24
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