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my name is Ayla... i hate people.... unless i dont have to see them... so myspace and vampirefreaks are my favourite places to hang out... i love my life... i am sort of artistic... i have my ways of expressing my individuality with my artwork and poetry... so, yeah... thats about it... enjoy.... weirdos

Username:xxkillxemosxx (user #265617)
Interests:(101) industrial/electronica/gothic/other weird things of such Massive Attack, +music... paranormal... witch craft... vampires... werewolves... art... frogs... foxes...mayonnaise...satan...metal/rock/alternativeand the like Dimmu Borgir, 3 Doors Down, 36 Crazy Fists, 4 Non Blondes, :Wumpscut:, A Perfect Circle, Alanis Morisette, Alice in Chains, Alter Bridge,The Bloodhound Gang, Amethystium,Jill Tracy, Apoptygma Berzerk, Audra, Battery Cage, Behemoth, Black Tape for a Blue Girl, Blind Melon, Blink 182, Breaking Benjamin, Candlebox, Cesium 137, Children of Bodom, CKY, Cleaner, Cold, Concrete Blonde, Cradle of Filth, Crocodile Shop, Decoded Feedback, Deftones,Red Hot Chili Peppers, Demon Hunter, Devil Driver, Diary of Dreams, Din_fiv K.M.F.D.M., Dishwalla, Doomsday Refreshment Comittee, Extreme, Fear Factory, Filter, Fixer/Mcarthy, Frontline Assembly, Full Devil Jacket, Funker Vogt, Gary Numan, Goo Goo Dolls, Heart, Hole, Human Drama, Human Drama, Janis Joplin, Jewel, Kataklysm, Katzenjammer Kabarett, Killswitch Engage, Korn, Lacuna Coil, Led Zepplin, Lit, Lita Ford, Lycia, Marilyn Manson, Mors Syphilitica, Motley crue, Myra, New York Dolls, No Doubt[when they were good, Opeth,Slipknot, Pantera, Pearl Jam, Pretty Balanced, Queensryche, Rajna, Rammstein, Rasputina, Rob Zombie, Rozz Williams, Skid Row, Skinny Puppy, Slaughter, Stabbing Westward, System of a Down, Temple of the Dog, Thanatos, The Cure, The Darkness, The Distillers, The Ramones, The Toadies, The Used, The Verve, This Ascention, Thrice, Tool, Trivium, Van Halen, Velvet Acid Christ, VNV Nation, Volitare,, Warlock, Zombie Girl, ] Smashing Pumpkins
Last Login:Friday, November 23, 2007
Created:2007-07-16 01:15:21
I smoke:Never
I drink:Never
Body Type:Average
Education:In High School
Wouldn't Mind:Friendships
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