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Well Im 18 and im at Grafton Job Corps it kinda really sux but its worth it in the end in my free time i like to hang out with friends and i like to smoke marijuana he he he im a pot head extrodinar! i love it to! but any way im still young so i like to party with friends and just relax i love going shopping and i love to rollerblade im also a swimmer i was brought up around water so i pretty much know all i need to know lol i have a girl friend her name is Jen shes the most amazing person in my life i love her so dearly

Well Im Compleate wit BC and i plan on getting my GED and Licence... then im leaving Job Corps and im going to start my life with jennifer... liana and justin are hopefully going to be my roomates.. i was going to go into the army and have career with that but i might just go to collage and become a journalist! thats like my dream... photo journalism! but im also very good with kids so maybe if i get big some day ill start some kind of someting like ap lace for kids to go after school and chill... but im better with younger kids maybe a day care

I want to be with Jennifer for the rest of my life i love her with all my heart and i think that she is the perfect one for me... i also want for my mother to get back on her feet and find a good man for herself... i want all of my friends to know that im always here for them i constenly wanna go to a rave lol thats what my life is!! one big rave! i want to have a band... and it doesnt matter if we get famous of not its all about the music i want my nefew nolan to live a happy easy life and not have to worry about where he's going to sleep at night... because i had to go through that alot.. and thats all i can think of rite now

I Compleated BC at Job Corps and i also am the Student Advisor for the GSA (Gay Straight Alience)

I like Raves... Glow sticks... xbox... computers... My Angel Jennifer... I love you baby you mean every thing to me... i like Hondas!!! ... rollerblading... love music... movies... (SLC Punk) and that all i can think of for now

Username:xne0nxb3atx (user #95510)
Interests:(1) the love of my life Jen umm im interested in pot.... and umm skating... and my Liana... and myspace and bzoink! and umm did i say music? how bout like dane cook and jim breuer... glow sticks... raving... clubing... and all them goodies
Last Login:Friday, March 30, 2007
Created:2005-06-28 10:01:12
I smoke:Regularly
I drink:Sometimes
Ethnicity:White or Caucasian
Body Type:Average
Children:They're great, but no thanks
Education:In College
Wouldn't Mind:Friendships
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