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[[.FiremanSinéad.]] (8)Then I Break A Glass And I Slit My Own Innermost Thigh So That I Can Pretend That I'm Menstru...Well, Unavaliable <3(8) 57. feMALE. I Wish I Could Marry Emilie Autumn, She Makes My Life Complete <3. I Want A Horse. I Love All Things Russian. Talk To Me About Books And I'll Love You Forever. I Stalk VFChat Way Too Much. My Hair Falls Out Alot. Being Irish Makes Me Feel Sorry For Myself. I Wish I Could Be Pretty Enough For America's Nexxt Top Model. I Believe In Love Again. Im Exxtremely Hypocritical. Think I Miight Be A Wee Bit Bipolar. Watching Porn At 1am Completes My Day. I Gotsa Stop Being So Bloody Forward. Most Gullible Person You Will EVER Meet. Ducks Are In Every Corner Of My Room xD I LOVES THEM. Music Is My Life. I Don't Smoke 'Normal' Cigarettes ;) And I Only Drink Jack Daniels [[BEST DRINK EVERRR]]/Vodka/Wine xD. Im So Cynical, So Forgive Me If I Dont Believe You At First. Imma Big Gaming Whore, Zelda&MarioKart Are My Life TBH. I Have No Common Sense And I Can Be Dead Immature. My Internet Friends Mean More To Me xD. I Can Be Dead Unsociable In Real Life And I Can Be Dead Wiierd, But Its Class xD. Im Gonny Move To Israel, Russia Or Australia xD. Annoying People Makes My Day BTW, Dont Take It Personal. (8)You Realise That She's Yur New Lolita?(8) P.S Don't Like How I Type? Don't Fuucking Read It Then. BIZATCH ;). KTHXBI. <333 Sinéad. Pronounced SHIN-ADE. Jeeeeeeeezzzzzzz.

To Stop Being A Trollfag

My Wants Are The Same As My Goals?! This Boxx Is Obsolete

Theres A Book With My Name In The Title?! [[Fireman Sinéad]] xD I Feel Thats The Best Accomplishment EVERS. <333

Messing Around On Bzoink xD Makes My Life xD

Username:x-zomgsbbz-x (user #281753)
Interests:(1) DUCKS <3 Norse Mythology <3 Reading <3 Music [Obvs] <3 VFCHAT <3 Chocolate <3 Watching Tennis <3 Dressing Up <3 Briight Red Lipstick <3 Films <3 Zelda <3 MarioKart [Spesh Worldwide BBZ] <3 Toad From Mario xD <3 Link <3 My DS <3 Navy Nailpolish <3
Last Login:Thursday, June 10, 2010
Created:2007-10-18 07:33:47
I smoke:Never
I drink:Regularly
Ethnicity:White or Caucasian
Body Type:Petite
Education:In High School
Wouldn't Mind:Friendships
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