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or talia cos that my real name lol

im 15 =]

goto morayfield high cos thats where all the kool kids are lol lucky i go there aye i <3 skool lol neerrd!

..__i. maker. love. to. strangers

&..__i. getter. drunk. on. rooftops
&..__i. dance. on. the. highway

&&..__tanika. &. i. are. the. funniest. eva.

&..__im. a. pro. ballerina
&..__i. lover. my. lil. cavegirls.

&&..__im. a. superhero.

&..__i. get. away. with. alot. of. things.
&..__i. user. gay. pickup. lines. on. my. friends

Im.Just.So. Perfect ..__lol

i.spend.my.spare.time.with.tanika playn ..__tennis

im everything my friends say they hate but yet they still loves me =)

i hav a wife

=] yes im a poof but you loves it
well catch ya poofs laterz

Loverah.You.4eva.&.Always. Will.Be

óż taj.


jess is my loverah

. . .

i want everything but then again who doesnt

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