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Kim August 24, 1985. 20. Married. 2 Kids. Virgo. Bipolar. Nickname is Kittie. My family is my life. SAHM. Weird. Loves pink,black and red. Loves Rainbows. Weird obession with Dane Cook. Music saved me. No you dont know anyone like me. Shy. Emoish. A bit goth. Kinda preppy. Paranoid. Clumsy. Crazy. Animal Lover. Hates liars. Hates drama. Anti-War. Anti-Bush. No religion. Odd. Random. n Sees a therapist. Spends way to much time online. Graphic Obessed. Dyes hair way to much. Tattoos. A heart with wings and my daughter's name. Piercings. Loves Taco Bell. Doesnt smoke or do drugs, personally I think they are a waste of time but I don't have a problem with other people that do them. My children are Julianna born June 26, 2003 and Lukas born December 7, 2005... they are my life.

To be a great mom and go to college.

To go to the wraped tour. A new computer. To go to New Zealand. More Friends.

Having two beautiful children

Music DASHBOARD CONFESSIONALl, Fall Out Boy, Lucky Boys Confusion, The Rocket SUmmer, HELLOGOODBYE, Don't Look Down, MATCHBOOK ROMANCE, The Used, Le Tigre, The Killers, The Streets, Keane, Sugarcult, Placebo, The Ataris, Dry Cell, Saves the Day,Trust Compant, Silverchair, My Chemical Romance, Linkin Park, Bowling For Soup, Finch, New Found Glory,Sum 41, MxPx, No Doubt, Over it, Mudvayne, Maria Mena, Lillix, Less Than Jake, Something Corporate, Garbage, The Juliana Theory, Jack Off Jill, Incubus, Hawthorne Heights, The Pettit Project, Garbage, Korn, Eminem, Dry Cell, Crossfade, Breaking Benjamin,Insane Clown Posse, HIM, The Julianna Theory, Senses Fail, Blink 182, Amber Pacific, 311, MEST, Mindless Self Indulgence, Relient K, Esham, Mudvayne, Green Day, Death Cab For Cuite, FeFe Dobson, Poe, Kittie, Phantom Planet, Smile Empty Soul, All American Rejects, Finch, Jimmy Eat World, Seether, The Starting Line, The Calling, Princess SuperStar, Lords of Acid, Maroon 5, The Rasmus, Puddle Of Mudd, Maria Mena, Sublime, Offspring, Fuel , Staind,Death Cab For Cuite, McFly, Korn, KottonMouth Kings .. ect.. Movies The Crow, Donnie Darko,The Lost Boys, The Labyrinth, The Breakfast Club, Vampires, From Hell, Thirteen, The Care Bears, The Lion King, The Virgin Suicides, Empire Records, Detroit Rock City, Love Actaully, Blade, Signs, Scary Movie, The Fouckers, Butterfly Effect, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Dogma, The Rules Of Attraction, Go, Disturbing Behavior, Scream, The Ring, Bed Of Roses, The Goonies, Interview with the vampire, X- MEN, The Da Vinci Code,

Username:vampirekat (user #14148)
Interests:(141) 13, alcohol, alternative, animals, anti-bush, babies, beaches, being emo, being warm, bisexuality, biting, black, black clothes, black roses, blood, blue, books, boots, boys kissing, brown eyes, brown hair, care bears, cats, children, computer geeks, computers, conor oberst, country music, dancing in the rain, dane cook, darkess, darkness, dashboard confessional, degrassi, depression, drinking, eggs, emo, emo boys, emo boys, empire records, eyeliner, eyeliner on guys, faeries, family, fate, fire, fishnets, flirting, flowers, food, friends, girls, goth, goth girls, goth guys, gothic, gothic parenting, guys, halloween, handcuffs, hate, him, horror, hugs, icp, insanity, invader zim, johnny deep, kissing, kittens, kittie, knives, law and order, lesbians, liberals, long drives, lost souls, love, love, lucky charms, lust, lust, making out, marriage, married, memories, meowing, movies, music, my children, my daughter, my husband, my son, myspace, naps, naral, nc, nighttime, noggin, ocean, one tree hill, open minded people, pain, people watching, piercings, pink, pop, poppy z. brite, porn, pregnancy, pro-choice, punk, quizzes, rainbows, razorblades, reading, reading, rock, roses, sex, singing, skirts, slc punk, sleeping, stars, stary skies, tattoos, tears, the all american rejects, the breakfast club, the color black, the number 13, the used, thunderstorms, vampires, vampires, video games, walking in the rain, writing, young moms
Last Login:Tuesday, May 29, 2007
Created:2004-05-11 00:43:32
I smoke:Never
I drink:Sometimes
Ethnicity:White or Caucasian
Body Type:Average
Children:Have Kids
Education:High School Grad
Wouldn't Mind:Friendships
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