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Self Overview:
I am very shy. I have a HUGE inferiority complex about myself. I am not very nice. I am nice. I am not desperate. I am half-a-bitch. I am very ugly (as you can see.) I am not photogenic. I am very emotional. I am very sensitive. I feel very insecure. People don't really like me much. I try not to care about what people say but actually I do care, A LOT! I am very short (5'2). I am a loser. I am a nerd. I am a geek. I am not popular. I am a swimmer. I am arachnophobic. I wish I had a boyfriend. I have had only two boyfriends. The first one was for a week and I ditched him. The second one was for three weeks and he ditched me. I am forced to believe that LOVE sucks because of bad experiences. Whenever I like a guy, we're close to going out but then it all falls apart. I am a total loser (I know I mentioned that!) I am a reject (Nobody likes me. No one knows me. They don't even try to.) I don't think people should use bisexuality as a trend. I am not homophobic.

to be a famous celeb singer or super model one day. but right now...GROW TALL!

dior glares, jean paul gaultier creations, nina ricci's bronzer, tons and tons of clothes.

5 records in swimming and stuff.

Japanese fashion, japanese anime, stockings, socks, fishnets, neon colours, Jean Paul Gaultier designs, MAC lipgelee, rouge, nina ricci's bronzer, unfinished net, Victorian dresses,flouncy leather dresses,red roses, black roses, eyeliner, mascara, scarlet blush, black nail polish, cobblestone streets, Picasso, abstract paintings, garters, gloves, leather, fuchsia, collarbones, long necks, Dior glares, thunderstorms, ARENA swimsuits, water balloons, FTV, fashion designing, black and white lace, poetry, writing poetry and DREAMING!

Username:unprettyx (user #140657)
Interests:(35) abstract paintings, ARENA swimsuits, black and white lace, black nail polish, black roses, cobblestone streets, collarbones, Dior glares, eyeliner, fashion designing, fishnets, FTV, fuchsia, garters, gloves, japanese anime, Japanese fashion, Jean Paul Gaultier designs, leather, long necks, MAC lipgelee, mascara, neon colours, nina ricci's bronzer, Picasso, poetry, rouge, scarlet blush, socks, stockings, thunderstorms, unfinished net, Victorian dresses,flouncy leather dresses,red roses, water balloons, writing poetry and DREAMING!
Last Login:Thursday, January 26, 2006
Created:2006-01-08 06:52:12
I smoke:Sometimes
I drink:Sometimes
Body Type:Athletic
Education:In High School
Wouldn't Mind:Random hanging out

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