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Chong Tai Khoon (zhuang dai jun) tkcapri, happie_rainbow_gal, tai kong ren, pa ren 15Jan'89 Capricorn/Dragon Singapore-Jurong West JYPS '96-'01 Faith 1e,2e,3e,4e,5a,6a choir (1997) computer club (1998) science club (1999) netball (2000) art club (2001) prefect (1998-2001) RVHS '02-'05 Gryphon 1/2Ace 3 Kerfuffle'04 4Kers'05 rvco.pipa Glittery RainbowL JJC '06-'07 Rono 06L01 jjco.pipa H2: chinese lang and lit, english lit, econs. H1: math Hsinghai CO i think i am a weird person lah. haha... actually i think alot people will find me boring? or cold? (as in quiet and introverted most of the time, needs time to warm up to new ppl, but can get crazy, noisy, or "lame" among close friends)

career: -be a musician, composer, stage manager, artist, writer, translator? ah whatever. still cant really make up my mind but think i wanna deal with smth artistic or linguistic :) interests: - learn some other instrus (guitar, dizi, suona? lol dunno why suddenly feel like learning suona recently... weird again) - learn to compose a proper song - learn to cook well (there's this book in the commercial press bookstore in imm which analyses every birthdate(all 366 days inclu.feb29 i think), and it says that i should learn to cook. hahax. ooh well... but i think this skill will come in useful anyway. - go around singapore take photos (ok, weird again rite? but i actually think singapore has alot of nice nice places yet to be noticed by me and most ppl. and to me, to go around is to anyhow walk like a wanderer and stumble upon places. [quite easy to get lost hor?]) - learn web design

-new pipa~! =D -new mp3 player -1GB miniSD card for my phone -watch phantom of the opera 2007

nah. wadever. i am not proud of my accomplishments. too minor le

music: co, new age, easy listening, jazz, latin, classical, some pop singers: weilian, fish, stefanie, joi, fir, she instrus(i know how to play): pipa, eletone instrus(i dunno how to play): basically many co instrus, guitar belongings: phone, instruments, crumpler and op sling bags, qq bear wallet, mp3, cd collection, other random stuff colours: pink, blue food: chocolates and sweet stuff misc: rainbows, stars, the beach(sun, sand, water and breeze!), rainy days(ooo... i realised their common point-mother nature :))

Username:tkcapri (user #220846)
Interests:(15) captains ball, chinese orchestra, crafts, electone, literature, maplestory, music, photography, pipa, playing computer games, reading, singing, swimming, the Arts, watching tv
Last Login:Sunday, December 31, 2006
Created:2006-12-25 10:59:29
I smoke:Never
I drink:Sometimes
Body Type:Few Extra Pounds
Children:No Answer
Education:High School Grad

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