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Self Overview:

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I am known and called by many names
that various people have dubbed me as.
Feel free to come up with one yourself
or just call me Rayven because everyone
tends to do so.

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I am a very unique person,
from the way I dress, to
the way I think and act,
I am like no other.
You would be rather surprised
at the way I am if you would
get to know me.

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I am quite obsessed with
MANY things such as anime,
fantasy, science fiction,
history, medieval weaponry
and medieval history. Star Trek,
Star Wars, Stargate SG-1,
Writing, reading, poetry, And then
Adult Swim, which includes
Aqua Teen Hunger Force,
The Venture Bros, anime, and many
others that I tend to favour

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I have a strong liking for Tim
Burton and his amazing talent.
He had been a big inspiration to me
since he first made The Nightmare
Before Christmas.
Another inspiration of mine is Dr.
Suess. Yes, he may have written
children's stories, but they are
meant for everyone. He had a big
imagination and he had much wisdom.
He has affected my way of thinking.

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I am a dreamer. I dream so much that
sometimes I forget reality. I've
been told to get my head out of the
clouds, but why? Why must I do so when
imagination is what sets us free...
I think everyone needs a little imagination
because it sets your mind, body, and soul
free of the pain and worries that reality gives.
Of course, don't overdo it and
never find reality again because we need
a fair amount of both.

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I am an openminded person.
I believe in the possibility of everything.
I believe in aliens, an afterlife, the fact
that something created us.
I believe in many things that some
would think was crazy, but that is
one of the things you must learn in
life, is to be openminded.
Because there is more to this world,
this life, than you will ever know.
The greatest mystery of life is life

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I follow the path of Druidism.
I feel like it is my true path and I
follow it well. However, I do believe
that all religions have purpose and
I judge no one else's beliefs.

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To complete my first novel.

I've started on two books and have many ideas for others and also some for a few mangas.

If you would like to know more about me or engage in conversation, then please view my myspace account to speak with me there.

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Username:roguesorcerer (user #288533)
Interests:(40) Adult Swim, Animals, Anime, Anne Rice, Archaeology, Art, Black, D&D, Demons, Doctor Who, Dragonlance, Druidism, Emily The Strange, Fantasy, Games, Gel Pens, Glitter, Harry Potter, History, Horror, Indiana Jones, LOTR, Macabre, Magic The Gathering, Magick, Manga, Medieval, Nature, Paper, Poetry, Reading, Roses, Ruby Gloom, Science, Science fiction, Swords, Vampires, Velvet, Wizards, Yaoi
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Created:2007-12-17 04:37:56
I smoke:Never
I drink:Sometimes
Ethnicity:White or Caucasian
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