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i'm a sports freak. i love baseball (go yankees!!!) and football (go cowboys!). i like basketball, i loosely follow racing, i occaisionally watch hockey. i'm a pool shark in training, i play about 4 days a week. music and dance are passions of mine. i swear i have adhd. i'm a hyper drunk. actually i'm usually a hyper individual, lol. i love to read. i spend WAY too much time online. i love to write as well (stories, poetry, what have you). i get distracted easily. my friends are my life (most are like family to me). i used to be really shy (sometimes i still am) but i'm trying to break outta my shell. i can get rowdy at times (what can i say, i used to play football and i'm one of the guys). i curse like a sailor. i'm a jock, but i have a girlie side too (that's been showing up a lot lately). i've been obsessed with vampires since i was 7. i listen to almost any kind of music, but mainly it's all metal and rap for me. i love comic books. i obsessed with batman (and the character Ranger from the stephanie plum books by janet evanovich). i quote movies too much. i have an unhealthy obsession with the colors hot pink, black, and green. i watch and love the foamy cartoons ( have every single episode). i've been trying to learn spanish for many years. i'm a member of PETA. i'm somewhat of a loner (comes from being an only child, a military brat, and an aquarius). i'm mainly irish, german, scottish, and british. i have a ton of nicknames, alex and drea seem to be the more prevalant ones (alex has been my n/n since kindergarden). i HATE liars and cheaters. i've found my superman, my thug! it'll just be a while before we can be together. he's my other half, like a twin. always has been. he's one of my best friends.

Username:preppygothalex (user #193747)
Interests:(15) comics, ballet, drawing, EverQuest, Marilyn Monroe, movies, NCAA basketball and football, poetry, singing, Star Wars, taking pictures, video games, working out, writing, Yankees
Last Login:Wednesday, August 16, 2006
Created:2006-08-16 08:51:56
I smoke:Sometimes
I drink:Regularly
Ethnicity:White or Caucasian
Body Type:Few Extra Pounds
Education:In College

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