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i'm random. fun-loving. outgoing. basically an extrovert and i love meeting new people. :] i ttly <3 my friends and my family. i'm not the happiest person in the world - who is - but i can sure seem like it sometimes. that's because i have a sense of humor and hate being sad. it suckkks. i won't lie about the good stuff, so here it is: i'm generally smart, for lack of a better word(i can think of a few, but let me not get conceited here, haha.). i'd say my looks are good, like pretty and a little bit above average. i'm not fat but i'm not twig-ish. i'm average-ish but i'm not flat with no butt, so basically i'm curvy. :] i like my personality and i wouldn't change it. actually, i have split personalities. i can be the sugary sweet girl, but then i can immediatly change to the fiery-tempered girl who will send insults straight outta the mouth, haha, can't say i'm TOO proud of that, but oh well. i can be sad one minute and happy the next. yes, i am odd but i'd like to call it unique. i'll add more later. <333

to have a grrreat summah! <333

Username:peppurz (user #204845)
Interests:(21) being my funkayyy lil' self, boys, cuteness, etc, etc etc., family, flowers, friends, fun, funny things, gel pens, IMing, magazines, music, notes, randomness, reading, reading good & funny books, relationships, smiling, writing
Last Login:Friday, May 18, 2007
Created:2006-10-11 00:46:53
I smoke:Never
I drink:Never
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