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My name is Kadie Dawn. (Such a redneck name, right? :-D) I live in Texas. I do not live on a farm. I have never met an outlaw. We do not say "Yeehaw" or "Howdy" Nor have I ever seen a tumbleweed. I am not a closed-minded conservative Republican, but a lot of people here are. I do live in the Bible Belt, but my faith is pretty uncertain right now. Not everybody here carries a gun. Especially not in their belt loop or in their chaps, which we don't wear. I have white, straight, pretty teeth that aren't falling out due to a crack addiction or bad genetics. I do like beer, and would pick it over anything else, 'cept maybe some tequila, which is also redneck-ish, I'm told. I do have a bit of a drawl when I speak, but generally it doesn't come out too much unless I'm drunk or sleepy or around people whose accent is thicker than mine.

Lose all this weight. Don't get cancer. Own a daycare.

Don't ask, don't tell. *wink*

None to speak of, I'm a walking disappointment.

Likes Rain. Dancing in the rain. Singing in the rain. Kissing in the rain. Just rain in general, okay? French Poetry Music Country Music Polka (Yes. Polka. -.-) Glitter. Fucking LOVE glitter. Drama. Disclaimer relating to drama: I do not start drama. I do not like to cause problems. I just enjoy drama. I'm not gonna sit here and be all "I hate drama! It's so stupid!" When you know good and well that every other high school girl (and probably lots of older women) freakin' loves drama and always will. So be straight about it.

Username:peppermintpixie (user #322217)
Interests:(5) Dance, music, reading, singing, writing.
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Created:2009-01-09 17:48:56
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I drink:Sometimes
Education:In High School

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