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I'm 14, I'm a writer, I'm anorexic (but fixin it) I cut myself (not as much as i used to) and I'm completely and totally NOT a christian. It's for these reasons many people don't like me, but there are an elite group special enough to be called my friends that see past my rough edges and into who i really am. *PS* I recently changed my religion back to Satanism. I was about two or three years ago, but decided to take a break and see if I could find something different. Well, I've tried many things, but none were nearly as satisfying, so it is with a glad heart that I return to my rightful place in the world. I am a Satanist. wow, it feels so good to say that again=]

Be an accomplished writer* Get over this anorexia shit* Keep Aaron (my love) by my side forever

Aaron* People to accept me for who I am* Gay marriage to be legal again* Freedom of religion (cuz no matter what that declaration says, it's not here)* American's to get off their fuckin high horses and care about someone other than themselves for a change. * The world to realize that everyone has the power to forgive, and those who choose not to use it are usually those who never recieve it.* People to stop judging at a first glance and actually get to know someone before they put said person's name in their mouth. * Stuck up old bitchez who blame the "disfunctional horny teenage boys" and "slutty godless teenage girls" to look back and realize 'Hey, that was once me.'*

writing* Aaron* Getting over my problems*

Movies: Phantom of the Opera, Rose Red, Hannibal Rising, Skeletons in the Closet (on LMN), The Shining********** Music: The Used* Slipknot* Korn* MCR* P!ATD* Evanessence* Crossfade* Tatu* Disturbed* All American Rejects* Flyleaf* Linkin Park* Rob Zombie* Sugarcult* Breaking Benjamin* Three Days Grace* Red Jumpsuit Apparatus* System of a Down* Buckcherry* Dashboard Confessionals* Stonesour* Blutengel* Silbermond* AFI* Die Apokalyptischen* Bullet for my Valentine* Seether* Manson* Lacrimosa* Rammstein* Plusch!* Avenged Seven Fold* 30 Seconds to Mars*************** People: Kitty=) Aaron :heart: Tiffany! Skyler^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Books: Queen of the Damned* The Fool's Tale* Twilight and New Moon* Darkhenge* Milkweed* On the Head of a Pin* Summer of my German Soldier* Inkheart and Inkspell* Trickster's Choice and Trickster's Queen* The Circle Opens quartet* Protecter of the Small quartet************************* T.V.: I'm the loser up at midnight watching Bleach on 53. What the hell do you think i watch? Anime!

Username:pagan-princess (user #249880)
Interests:(1) writing* singing* dancing* spouting out philosophical phrases to confuse people* AARON* being an idiot* bitching for no apparent reason* world religion*
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Created:2007-05-07 16:12:31
I smoke:Never
I drink:Sometimes
Ethnicity:White or Caucasian
Body Type:Petite
Education:In High School
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