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hey my name is chloe. i just realized i haven't changed this in a while. i now work at the nursing home i had been volunteering at. i did go back to school for a class. and i was able to pass it. so now i am certifed to do the job that i have which is an activies asssistant. i love it. it is amazing to know that i can make a difference in these people's lives. it isn't always easy. we have a lot of paperwork. and it is very hard when they pass away. but i just look at it like there is always someone who is going to need you to help them. whether it is to get them food or drink(if they can have it), if you can get them something they need that they can't reach, and just thinkgs like that. they can be so sweet sometimes. but they can also drive you crazy. but i love them all. i did learn to drive, so that has helped a lot. i did have a boyfriend for a while, but we broke up. we were trying to be friends, but it wasn't working.

~get my amc ~learn how to deal with all i am going through.

i think they are pretty much the same things as my goals

i graduated high school in 2003. i went to college for a year, but some things went wrong with that, and i ended up back at home. i was a cheer leader during high school, i was also in the key club for two year, and in the italian club for a year. i got an adward my senior year for being a nice person, that is pretty much what is all boils down to.

favorite food: italian food favorite drink:vanilla coke and cream soda favorite book: little women, gone with the wind, maggie now, the harry potter books(i am only up the five, but i am getting close to being done) favorite baseball team:cleveland indians favorite basketball teams:caves, mavericks, kings, and the spurs

Username:nbagirl04 (user #43905)
Interests:(7) dancing, dancing in the rain(i actually do like to do this), going for walks, guys, music, reading,talking to my sisters and family(includes cousins),taking surveys and quizlets,, talking to my friends
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Created:2004-12-02 23:33:09
I smoke:Never
I drink:Sometimes
Body Type:Petite
Education:Some College
Wouldn't Mind:Friendships
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