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Interests: nature. ecology. earth sciences. geology. rocks. minerals. crystals. sewing. homesteading. psychonauting. vodka. weed. mushrooms. antiques. taxidermy. bones. psychology. chaos magik. animism. heathenism/paganism. demonology. ancient history. genealogy. primitive weaponry. body mods. metaphysics.

Music: black metal. european folk. dungeon synth. ritual ambient. sludge. crust. powerviolence. noise. vaporwave. future funk.

Peste Noire, Grausamkeit, Volkolak, TrollfesT, Vedan Kolod, Hedningarna, Värttinä, Dakhabrakha, Percival, Häive, Heilung, Forndom, Dead Reptile Shrine, Veles, Goatmoon, Drudkh, Förgjord, Antimateria, Bilskirnir, Beherit, Blood of the Black Owl, Vlad Tepes, Marblebog, Armanenschaft, Sump, Cultes Des Ghoules, Horn, Mütiilation, Enbilulugugal, Satanic Warmaster, Danheim, Torgeist, Lord Lovidicus, Fullmoon, Vetala, Dødsengel, Secret Stairways, Yearner, Hedge Wizard, Chaucerian Myth, The Body, Hexentanz, Blank Banshee, Desired, Luxury Elite, Cosmic Church, Snötårar, Sea of Deprivation, Leper, Carcinogen, Yacøpsæ, Black Market Fetus, Ramlord, Welkin Dusk

Films: taxidermia. the holy mountain. eraserhead. city of lost children. the forbidden zone. pink flamingos. female trouble. desperate living. august underground's modum. multiple maniacs. fellini's satyricon. calvaire. salo (120 says of sodom). aftermath/genesis. necromentia. little otik. ichi the killer. neighbor no. 13. audition. thale. blue velvet. un chien anadalou. visitor q. delicatessen. spiderbaby. videodrome. the baby. the abcs of death. tokyo gore police. motel hell. momento mori. marebito. battle royale. tetsuo: the iron man. tomie. dumplings.of freaks and men. nekromantik. human centipede (all three). teeth. deliverance. i'm a cyborg but that's okay. the short films of david lynch. dark crystal. ponyo. street trash. alice [neco z alenky], barbarella. escape from tomorrow. mutant girl squad. nukem high. toxic avenger. don't go into the basement. redbad.

telle: twin peaks. game of thrones. american horror story. stranger things.

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