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i like to drink a lot, vomit on myself, roll around in it, pass out, and do it all over again the next day.
i'm a gross, smelly cunt.
my mother should've aborted me.

Last fm.

interests/likes: sewing/making clothes, binge drinking, nature, psychonautting, smoking, weird antiques, bad taxidermy, dead things/bones, anarcho primitivism, musical saws, concertinas, harmonicas, abandoned buildings, dirty things and places, laveyan satanism, discordianism, thelema, mold, shrooms, molly, diphenhydramine, weed, the church of euthanasia, s&m, anything occult related, body mods, dreads, serial killers, psychology, philiosophy, watching horrible lifetime movies, making fun of everything, body odour, crime scene photos, animals, vomit, blood, cum, moss, cicadas, pre-christian civilizations/religions, demonology, dying my hair, metaphysics, writing, day dreaming, hiking.

banz: sea of deprivation, snötårar, svartr strijd, dödfödd, book of sand, enbilulugugal, arizmenda, vermeth, vagézaryavtre, trou noir, stillhet, satanicum tenebrae, öroku, min kniv, leechfeast, lasowiec, kuxan suum, full of hell, acxdc, todesstoß, värttinä, dakhabrakha, wake up on fire, carcinogen, black market fetus, cara neir, ramlord, meth drinker, leper, welkin dusk, blackbird raum, drug problem, gripe, iskra, young and in the way, kata sarka, martyrdod, embers, skarp, ecocide, marion barry, wasteoid, anal cunt, thou, woe, the body, sea of shit, nux vomica, melt banana, discordance axis, the locust, after the bombs, raspberry bulbs, appalachian terror unit, axis of light, boredoms, dropdead, cock and ball torture, noothgrush,, yellow eyes, gripe, primitive man, an albatross, fukpig, bone awl, ilsa, wolvhammer, gasp, bathtub shitter, bacchus, hail seizures, six brew bantha, seven sisters of sleep, ash borer, cloud rat, the ash eaters, ed gein, yacopsae, man the conveyors, le grand guignol/vindsval, vault dweller, fuckmorgue, locrian, aderlating, wolvserpent, addaura, agoraphobic nosebleed, flagitious idiosyncrasy in the dilapidation, plague bringer, easpa measa, bhopal, low places, abandon ship!, th'legendary shack shakers, tomahawk, fantomas, the scarring party, sleepytime gorilla museum, uneXpect, dog fashion disco, polkadot cadaver,abacinate, idiot flesh, rasputina, beat circus, the goddamn gallows, peculiar pretzelmen, the dirt daubers, alamaailman vasarat, hunab ku, carnival in coal, spires that in the sunset rise, boredoms, mike patton, peeping tom, lovage, balkan beat box, J.U.F., captain beefheart,

moveez: taxidermia, the holy mountain, city of lost children, the forbidden zone, pink flamingos, multiple maniacs, female trouble, desperate living, august underground's mordum, fellini satyricon, salo (12o days of sodom), aftermath/genesis, calvaire, necromentia, little otik (otesanek), ichi the killer, visitor q, neighbor no 13, audition, thale, eraserhead, blue velvet, un chien anadalou, delicatessen, spiderbaby, videodrome, the baby, the ABCs of death, tokyo gore police, motel hell, momento mori, marebito, battle royale, tetsuo: the iron man, tomie, dumplings, of freaks and men, nekromantik, amelie, the incredible two-headed transplant, human centipede (1&2), deadgirl, teeth, deliverance, i'm a cyborg but that's okay, 964 pinocchio, the short films of david lynch, the dark crystal, dead snow, andy warhol's dracula, andy warhol's frankenstein, feed, hairspray (original. not shitty john travolta version), hobo with a shotgun, the last circus (balada triste de trompeta), love object, perfume: the story of a murderer, ponyo, sheitan, a serbian film, street trash, alice [neco z alenky], rubber's lover, barbarella, escape from tomorrow, mutant girl squad, serial mom, nukem high, don't go into the basement, toxic avenger, excision

Username:moldsporesperm (user #347197)
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Created:2014-06-16 07:23:43
I smoke:Regularly
I drink:Regularly
Body Type:Petite
Education:No Answer

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