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My name is Matilda. Ever since i was a little girl, everyone has called me Mim, hence the nickname mad Madam Mim. I'm studying Psychology at college, and enjoying it very much, mainly because it's yet another opportunity to learn about my disorder. I have Bipolar disorder. I'm not proud of it, and i do not use it as some kind of social status, as i have seen so many people do on profiles such as this. Apart from that i'm just an ordinary 19 year old Londoner. I like to go out, party, drink and take ridiculous risks that could get me killed. I live with my three best friends in the whole world. My boyfriend Gary who i love to death even if we fight like pitbulls, my lovely little Panda (Pandora) who i have known since i was 3, and my crazy little psychology buddy Jar Jar (Jared) who i have also known for most of my life. I'm happy, i'm lucky, i'm in love, and i'm the magnificent, marvelous mad, mad, mad, MAD, Madam Mim *bows*

To live, and let live.

I want to be a successful psychiatrist. This will be difficult, i know, but i long to help people who have been through the same thing as me, and don't know how to deal with it.

Still being alive despite my risk taking.

Game: All Soul Calibur games Book: Magnificat Film: Sweeney Todd Band: Malice Mizer

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