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Self Overview:

She's Cuter Than You.

She DOES NOT have a webcam. Do not Ask.

She has an alter-ego, it is a kitten.

She is known as Dahkotah Ayden Baker ((Kotah)).
She's in love.
She owns your face.
She is Sixteen.
She is a myspace whore.
She is an internet junkie.
She enjoys the sounds of drums and bass.
She is a sucker for anything acoustic.
She is narcissistic.
She wears her heart on her sleeve.
She uploads many problems.
She is not mentally stable.
She doesn't gossip.
She is clever.
She is better at english then any other subject.
She falls in love easily.
She is a girl.
She is Bi-polar type II.
She listens to bands you've never heard.
She likes to answer questions, no matter how random or personal.
She loves Sunny Delight Orange juice.
She is in tenth grade.
She is a B average student.
She is only giving more info because people have asked for it.
She is beautiful.
She has many friends.
She loves the winter.
She can be your best friend, or your worst enemy.

She likes Art
She Avatar Icons
She Band Hoodies
She Band Shirts
She likes Concerts
She Converse
She Emo Hair Cuts
She likes Eyeliner
She likes Friends
She Gauges
She likes Hair Colour
She Hair Styling
She likes Her
She Him
She likes Horror Movies
She likes Internet
She likes Knives
She Lip Piercings
She Local Bands
She Make-up
She likes MSN
She Myspace
She likes Poetry
She Pretty Emo boys
She likes Safety pins
She Septum Piercings
She likes Short Stories
She Tim Burton
She likes You

She Hates Liars
She Hates People Who Add Me On Instant Messengers Just To Have Me View Their Webcam
She Hates Guys Who Think That Masturbating On Webcam For Girls Actually Gets Them Off o_0;
She Hates People Adding Me To Instant Messengers Just To Cyber @_@;
She Hates People Who Think She Will Cam With Them.
She hates people who type like fourteen year old AOLers.
[Example: HeY WaZ ^ / using numbers as letters / or any other form of idiocy.]

She Hates Being Alone.

.A Perfect Circle.
.A Static Lullaby.
.As I Lay Dying.
Audrey is a Narcissist
.Avenged Sevenfold.
.Bleed the Dream.
.Bleeding Through.
.Brand New.
.Coheed and Cambria.
.Dashboard Confessional.
.Dead Sexy.
.Dead Poetic.
.Deadstar Assembly.
.Eighteen Visions.
.Fall Out Boy.
.From Autumn to Ashes.
.From First To Last.
.Funeral for a Friend.
.Jack Off Jill.
.Kill Hannah.
.London After Midnight.
.Lords of Acid.
.Matchbook Romance.
.Nine Inch Nails.
.Razorwire Halo.
.Something Corporate.
.Taking Back Sunday.
The Academy Is...
.The Bled.
.The Early November.
.The Murderdolls.
.The Starting Line.
.The Used.
.Twisted Method.

Bands to check out:
Dead Sexy
Audrey is a Narcissist
My Fatal Fall
Razorwire Halo

.I don't want messages/comments, about my appearence.
.I don't need an internet boyfriend.
.If you can't put up with random stuff, don't message me.
.Don't hold back questions. Ask them if you have them.
.I can be and usually am a bitch, don't complain about it.
.If you want to get to know me. Try talking to me, not perving me.
.If I don't comment right away, give me time.
.If you have a band you want me to check out, just message me with a link.
.Don't start something you don't have the balls to finish.
.Don't lie to me.
.Don't fuck with me, or use me.
.If I'm not what you want, don't tell me I am.
.More rules will follow as I find them suited.

Username:kittenfacexxx (user #128823)
Interests:None Listed.
Last Login:Sunday, November 20, 2005
Created:2005-11-20 17:16:16
I smoke:Never
I drink:Never
Ethnicity:White or Caucasian
Body Type:Average
Education:In High School
Wouldn't Mind:Friendships

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