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I am a really cool person with a blonde personality. For all yun's out there who care, I have a mix between a Pennsylvania Dutch and Southern accent. I love all of my friends and family and I have a great life.

Go to college; get married to an amazing guy; have kids; live life to the fullest!!!!!!!; Visit every state and a couple of countries which include Italy, the British Isles, Ireland, Egypt, and France; meet someone famous

A friend for life; an iPod; a stereo; a TV; loads of other stuff; cellphone; a boy friend

I sang in front of a big audience; made the A-team for my old school's volleyball team; got a role in the spring play

food: pizza; colors: purple & blue; movies: school of rock, LOTR, Holes, National Treasure, Harry Potter, Fried Green Tomatoes

Username:kaylaluvspa (user #94236)
Interests:(75) ac/dc, anberlin, being a Christian, being blonde, blue fuzzy carrots(it's an inside joke) lotr, boys, chevelle, chocolate, cky, converse, cooking, dancing, drawing, emery, emo boys, emo stuff, Fall Out Boy, God, going to church, good charlotte, green day, guys, hanging out w/ my friends, harry potter, haste the day, hawk nelson, hawthorne heights, HIM, hot hot heat, jeremy camp, jimmy eat world, kids in the way, listening to music, looking at myself in the mirror, music, my chemical romance, my friends, napoleon dynamite, nickelback, p. o. d., phantom of the opera, pillar, pizza, playing piano, playing volleyball and tennis, punk, queen, queen, reading, Relient K, rent, riding bike, school, showbread, simple plan, singing, starflyer 59, Switchfoot, system of a down, taking back sunday, the All-American Rejects, the bravery, the showdown,, the used, thousand foot krutch, three doors down, To Kill A Mocking Bird,, toby mac, train, underoath, viva la bam, volleyball, watching movies, writing, yellow card
Last Login:Friday, September 8, 2006
Created:2005-06-23 12:00:30
I smoke:Never
I drink:Never
Ethnicity:White or Caucasian
Body Type:No Answer
Education:In High School

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