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Im Kelsey, Overall I think I am a nice person to talk to but thats only if your willing to talk too. I'll warn you, Im highly opinionated, if I don't agree with something I'll say something negative, If I do agree with something I'll say something positive. The friends I have are amazing, I love them to pieces and I hope they all know that when I say that I love them I truly mean it with all of my heart. Yeah now you know I have amazing friends which also means I have enemies, but the only reason I have them is because I stood up for something in my life, I stood up for myself and my friends. If you can make me smile you can pretty much make me do anything. I've made huge mistakes in my life. I've let people take advantage of me,and I accepted way less than what I deserve. But, I've learned from my bad choices and even though there are some things I can never get back and some people who might never be sorry, I'll know better next time and I won't settle for anything less than what I deserve. I don't always know what I want, Some days all I wanna do is sleep others I just wanna stay up all night. I'm confusing like that and you better learn to love it cause im not changing for anyone but for my own satisfactory. I am strong, because I am weak. I am beautiful, because I know my own flaws. I am a lover, because I can be a fighter. I am fearless, because I have been afraid many times. I am wise because I have been foolish. And I can laugh because I've known sadness. I believe in alot of things. But I mostly believe in love, lust, sex & romance. I don't want everything to add up to the perfect equation.. I want Mess&Chaos I want someone to go crazy, out of his mind for me. I want to feel passion, heat & madness I want it all. I gotta be honest if you can't stand the way I act when im in a bad mood you don't really deserve me when im in a good mood. I can't guarantee you anything, I might like you today & tomorrow I might forget your name its just how I am.

To become some sort of a writer someday.

I want to do many things, I have a to-do list which continues to grow.

Ive been in a play, and I was the main role. I came 9th in a run that had over 100 people in Montreal.

Username:kayforkelsey (user #335725)
Interests:(7) Hanging out, Horse back riding, Music, Partying., Singing, Talking, Writing
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Created:2010-01-05 21:37:42
I smoke:Sometimes
I drink:Sometimes
Ethnicity:White or Caucasian
Body Type:Average
Education:In High School

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