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Self Overview:
Funny, intelligent (though people don't always see that at first),impatient, artistic, frugal,quick tempered/emotional,self-conscious, I can be goofy and silly but also serious when the situation calls for it, sarcastic,stubborn, a bit aggressive, a bit naive, and perceptive. I fight for what I believe in and don't take anyone's crap. On that note, I also knows when to be respectful and to shut up and move on. I am generally friendly and outgoing. I am loyal to a fault, and I will come through for you. I am a control freak, and very cautious, and careful. Also, I am a virgin, but a major pervert [how do those go together?]. I speak my mind, and my statements are usually blunt, and to the point. I value honesty above anything else, unless the situation calls for lieing. By the way, on the Basics page it says I'm Hispanic/Latino.To be specific, I'm half Puerto Rican, half "white". The white part of me is Cajun, English, and Czechoslovakian.

Finish high school, get a car, go to college and get a social work degree, get married, have kids, make sure my kids are happy, retire and travel, die peacefully and happily.

To lose some more weight, to move out of my parents home, to meet a guy that's not obsessed with s*x, to help kids in any way, shape, or form, and to do something with my life.

I'm going to be a senior when school starts again, and the last year I got honor role every marking period, just got a job at Red Robin's [finally!], got my permit [and close to getting my license], have $1,000 saved up in bank account for car already, and lost 32 lbs over the last year.

Music:My favorite genre is hip-hop/R&B, then pop. I don't have a favorite song. Books: My favorite genre is fantasy, then romance. I don't have a favorite book. Movies: My favorite genre is fantasy, then comedy. I don't have a favorite movie [I'm so bad at deciding]. Food: Rice and beans, with some cheescake as dessert.

Username:harderthanlife (user #344899)
Interests:(13) and children [I love kids!], animals, anime/magna, dancing, drawing [particuraly anime], food, history, laughing, Music, reading, sculpting, singing, writing
Last Login:Wednesday, July 11, 2012
Created:2012-07-11 10:42:24
I smoke:Sometimes
I drink:Never
Ethnicity:Latino or Hispanic
Body Type:No Answer
Education:In High School
Religion:No Answer
Wouldn't Mind:Friendships
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