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Self Overview:
Hans-Joachim Marseille is mine. :3
Marseille should be the capital of France.
Napoleon is sexier than you.
And the Coupe de France belongs to Olympique Marseille. <3 I think that's all I need to say. Now, it's time for COMMENTARY!

And the "Best Quote Ever" Award goes to...

SENKI: "If there was one Hallish left on this Hallish infested world.. I'd do Hallish."

Live in Marseille! <3
Eat your brains!
Star in the live action Zelda movie as a Re-Dead!
Un-become a zombie!
I forget!

...Your face
...Jochen's pants.
...Jochen himself.
...An three foot long comb.
...A rooster.
...American Idol to be taken off the air.
...To travel back in time.
...A front pocket.
...X-Acto knives!
...A large stick
...A 30 hour day
...A 5 day weekend, every weekend
...My birthday to be an international holiday
...To roll down hills.
...More iced tea
...To punt a baby
...To GTFO.

Plagiarising in style.
Winning the Coupe de France with sheer brainpower and Cédric Carrasso as my goalkeeper.
Setting my own NerdAlert off.
Setting my own GAYDAR off.
Stealing someone's brain through their shoulder.
Having three sets of grandparents.
Drawing spite-pictures on MS Paint.
Forgetting to open the door before walking through it.
Eating cake with ice cream and not imploding.
Drinking three gallons of iced tea in a two day period.
Pinching a lobster in the face with a stick of butter.
Making Chuck Norris check under his bed for me.
Owning a working NES.
Taking German and French and not getting beaten up for it.
Making Jochen Marseille check in his back seat for me.
And his pants.
Writing this entire list out.

Olympique Marseille!
... I think that says it all.

Username:hallishmarseille (user #164921)
Interests:(29) aviation, bags, Bayern München, boxes, carrots, Cédric Carrasso, dodgeball, Evangelion, facing, forgetting, Germany, Hans-Joachim Marseille, Hans-Joachim Marseille's pants (or lack thereof?), ice cream, Olympique Marseille, Onions, onions., Paper Mario, pelting people with volleyballs, rolling down hills, running with scissors, Samir Nasri, soccer, Stade Vélodrome, the city of Marseille, the Godfather series, VNV Nation, Werder Bremen, Zelda
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Created:2006-04-12 19:58:41
I smoke:Never
I drink:Sometimes
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Education:In High School
Wouldn't Mind:Random hanging out

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