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Self Overview:

The name is Cidney RaNell. [Remember it, you just might hear it again someday]. I came into this world on February seventh 1992. I have resided in various cities in the beautiful state of Florida ever since. [I hate it here. But I love it here]. Its a bitter sweet kind of life. [And I'm learning to deal with that]. Music is my escape. It keeps me sane. [And sometimes its the only thing that can put a smile on my face]. I love to sing more than anything else in the entire universe. It gives me an adrenaline rush that crack couldn't touch. [For the five minutes it takes to perform a song I actually feel alive]. My family is my world. [Their everything to me and I thank God for them]. Diet Pepsi keeps me running. [And brightens my days]. The smell of rain makes me hopeful. [And the sound of thunder makes me curious]. I love to laugh it's the second best feeling in the world. [So if you can make me laugh you have exceeded all my expectations]. I've been hurt and broken by people who were supposed to love me. I think we all have. [I just take it harder than some]. I believe God is the creator of the universe. [And everything in it]. I change day to day. [But I am not a poser]. I just don't believe in putting limitations on my personality. I don't believe in labels so don't label me as anything. [Other than spastic, that I can handle]. You wont ever find me doing any kind of drug. [Except caffeine of course]. Although you may think I have ADD, I do not. [I am just easily entertained]. And distracted by beautiful things. I believe there is a time to be serious. And a time to completely let loose. [And I believe its sometimes hard to figure out when]. I don't believe that if you look hard enough you'll find beauty in anything. [But I do believe beauty is easy to find]. I love to easily. [But I never fully trust]. The combination of the two makes it hard for me to be in relationships. I believe if you always hope for the worst, disappointment wont hurt as bad. [Although it always seems to be worse]. I believe true friendship is hard to find. [But I know its out there]. I believe abortion is wrong. [Because having a vagina doesnt entitle you to murder]. I do not hate homosexuals. [But I do not believe in homosexuality]. I'm not racist in any way. [But I have colorful opinions on all races]. And I now believe this has gone from upbeat and happy to an avenue of judgment. [If you don't agree with who I am sorry to burst your bubble but I really don't care]. The only thing you truly need to know about me is that I'm an average but never typical teenage girl trying to find her place in this world.

Figure out what to do with the rest of my life...

Love, everything else will follow.

Nothing of utmost importance.


Music keeps my heart beating.
If you think that’s an over exaggeration.
Take it away and watch me die…


Hawthorne Heights!<3.
The Used.
Mayday Parade.
A Day To Remember.
Escape The Fate.
Papa Roach.
Three Days Grace.
Breaking Benjamin.
Framing Hanley.
Modern Day Escape.
Poets Of The Fall.
Three Doors Down.
The Cab.
Panic! at the disco.
A Skylit Drive.
Theory Of A Deadman.
Killswitch Engage.
Bullet For My Valentine.
The Veer Union.
Relient K.
Fall Out Boy.
Boys like Girls.
There for Tomorrow.
Scary Kids Scaring Kids.
Sick Puppies.
Hey Monday.
Story Of The Year.
Red Hot Chili Peppers.
30 Seconds To Mars.
Seventh Day Slumber.
Matchbox Twenty.

The list goes on and on…

Reading is more than words on a page.
It’s a world come alive.
It’s a fantasy.
Another reality.
An Escape.


-New Moon
-Breaking Dawn
The Host
Flowers In The Attic-
Petals On The Wind-
If There Be Thorns-
Seeds Of Yesterday-
A Walk To Remember
My Sweet Audrina
Night Shift.
-Heart Song
-Unfinished Symphony
Go Ask Alice.
Message In a Bottle
Wuthering Heights
A Midsummer Nights Dream
The Strangers Kiss

Until the next chapter…

Just in general I love…

My Family.
John Cena.
Diet Pepsi.
Good books.
Scary movies.
Swing sets.
The beach.
Starry night skies.
The Moon.
Dancing in the rain.
Making Memories.
Cold weather.
Anything Zebra print.
Chuck Taylors.
Stuffed Animals.
Java Chillers.
Bubble gum.
Johnny Depp.
Taking Pictures.
Going to the theaters.
Playing board games.
Video games.
Playstation 2.
11:11 Wishes.
Jeep Wranglers.
Acting silly.
Being mature.
Pet Rocks.
Green eyes.
Jeans and T shirts.
Road Trips.
Not sleeping alone.

Just to name a few...

Username:floridagirlxxo (user #317643)
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