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First of all my name is Gabriela but you can call me Gabby. ii LOVE to shop && hang out with my friends. ii think the most important thing in life is family && friends. ii love to sing && dance. ii am currently in a relationship and ii just love him so much! He is so amazing! Sometimes ii can be clumzie without knowing it! (wuta dork haha) ii can`t cook but ii can BAKE! (desserts duh!) ii`m a really unique and talented person (well that`s what everyone says!). ii am a true Mexipina (Mexican/Filipino ). ii love it when people try to figure out my heritage! haha it`s just so funny. Everyday ii go to school hoping something ineresting will happen. ii am known to be really funny, a great dancer, awesome singer.. well basically ii love to entertain people! That`s why when ii get older ii want to be an actress && singer && dancer! (ii think ii can pull it off?) if ii don`t make it into acting ii will be a fashion designer. and if that doesn`t work i`ll be a doctor. (but puh leaze, ii know ii can do it!) My favorite colors are pink && baby blue. (but my room is mostly baby blue && lime green!) ii think that`s all about me? hope u found out what you needed to know.

Have a lasting relationship & get through the year without any friend-fights.

Fame, better clothes, bigger house, move back to chicago.

Honor Roll {[yes, ima d0rk]}, School Plays {[drama geek too]}

Movies, TV, MySpace, Games.

Username:d1nonliichica (user #218035)
Interests:(9) Acting, Art, Dancing, Fashion, Guys, Parties, Singing, Socializing., Writing
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Created:2006-12-11 22:57:54
I smoke:Never
I drink:Never
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