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Self Overview:
I hv longggg hair and a sexii face.valign="top" align="right">Believe in yourself?::YEA Play an instrument?::NO Go to school?::YEA Go to college?::NO Have a job?::NO Like your job?:: Want to get married?::YEA Want to have kids?::YEA Get along with your parents?::Parent,yea Get along with your siblings?::no Drive?::no Random...Do you think you're trustworthy?::Yea Think your funny?::HELL YEA Ever toilet papered someones house?::NO Gone garbage can tipping?::NO What are your parents names?::Shawna and David Siblings names?::Cody and Dominique(both boys-Cody-14 Dominique-10)(Dominique half brother,Cody real brother) Do you wash your hands frequently?::DUH How many time a day do you brush your teeth?::Mornin and Night Collect anything?::I guess Ever been in love?::yea In love right now?::yea What color pants are you wearing right now?::im not wearin any just underwear How does your hair look?::Ponytail Ever had your heartbroken?::yes Ever broken the law?::yes Been arrested?::no Been out of the country?::no Can you stick your fist in your mouth?::yes When was the last time you got drunk?::never Do you do drugs?::HELL NAW U ASKED ME DAT ALREADY When was the last time you were high on anything?::Never Do you prefer the lights on or off?::off Would you ever get plastic surgery?::no Do you prefer boxers or briefs?::i don't know Do you like to laugh?::HELL YES Ever had a bloody nose?::YES Have you ever caught a fish?::NO What was the last thing you ate?::Im chewin gum now What time do you go to bed?::whenever I want Im suppose 2 at 10:30 or 11 What's your favorite color?::PINK!!!!!(U ALREADY ASKED ME DAT TOO) Do you like to give or recieve?::Recieve Are you obsessed with anything/anyone?::someone,yes Do you live alone?::no Do you own a blender?::no Do you like the snow?::yes Ever been up a mountain?::no Ever been rootin'?::no Do you like surprises?::YES Take this survey | Find more surveys
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My goals for my life iz not to have any bad luck.

1 0 0 Q U E S T i O N S <3
(( B A S i C S ))
Real Name::Danielle
Single or Taken::Single
Zodiac Sign::Aquarius
Male or Female::Female
Elementary School::NO I WENT 2 ROCK CHAPEL PRE-K-3 AND HOOPER 4-6
High School::NO,im goin 2 DSA or Stephenson High
Eye Color::Brwn
Hair Color::Drk and Light BRW
Long or Short::LONGGGG
Favorite Color::PINK
Favorite TV Show::HannahMontana
Tan or Pale::Tan
Are You A Health Freak::No
Have A Crush On Someone::Yea
Do You Like Yourself::Yea,sorta
Righty or Lefty::Righty
(( F i R S T S ))
Piercing::Yes(u already asked me dat)
Best Friends::Too many(Im popular :))
Award::not yet
Sport You Joined::Cheerleadin
Pet:Fish(I have a hamster and 2 fish the otha fish died)
Broken Bone::no
(( C U R R E N T L Y ))
Thinkning About::Alantae
About To..::lay down
Listening To::television
Crushing On::Julian,Alantae and Dantae(Alantae and Dantae arent related)
Waiting For::no one
Wearing::HighSchoolMusical t-shirt and underwear
Mad At::Alantae,Taylor and more
(( L A S T S ))
Book You Read::Holes
Movie You Watched::Im watchin Stuart Little right now
Roadtrip::2 MyrtleBeach
Person You Talked To::my friends-Jaylen siblin-my brother Cody
Person You Were Mad At::Maya
Person You IMed::Laila
Person You Hugged::dont remember I flirt wit 2 many bois
Person You Kissed::Julian

My wants is 2 get along control my attitude and try to b almost evryone's friend and stay popular :)

Ny accomplishments dat I made was 2 b popular

My fav. color iz PINK PINK PINK AND MORE PINK!!!!

Username:crzyanjel (user #231335)
Interests:(1) Dance,sing,draw,model,cheerlead,act,talk on my phone,text(METRO ON DECC!!),play video games,get on da computer,and etc.
Last Login:Saturday, February 10, 2007
Created:2007-02-08 19:33:39
I smoke:Never
I drink:Never
Ethnicity:Native American
Body Type:Average
Education:No Answer
Wouldn't Mind:Friendships
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