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Self Overview:
20 years old. I'm quiet until you get to know me really well. I'm naturally nervous. Kind of clumsy. Awkward. Quirky. Kind of a nerd. Social anxiety like whoa. I'm kind of spazzy. I don't know. I feel I have a long ways to go before I've caught up with other people my age, because I have gone through things that have put me behind.

be happy. fall in love. kiss in the rain.

Mark. Love. Happiness.

G.E.D-April 2008 lost 50 pounds- June 2010 Get My License-????

LIKES: playing in the rain, thunderstorms, daisies, elephants, stars, bright colors, bangles, big headphones, glass bottles, antique stores, spontaneity, hugs, high fives, laughing, swings, car jamming, fresh snow, video/computer/board games, earrings, trying on clothes I have no intention of buying, writing, reading, taking pictures, sunglasses, eye shadow, head bands with bows, ribbon, glitter, ducks, poetry, music, open-mindedness, respect, cuddling, amigo carts, scarves, thrift stores, getting mail, fireflies, dandelions, teddy bears, eccentricities, quirkiness, Skittles, pretty rocks, critters, waving, dinosaurs, funny t-shirts, falling asleep with the radio on, noise, lava lamps, glow sticks, dragonflies, night time, holding hands, walking barefoot in the grass, coloring, playing on spinny chairs, tin foil, staying up late, sleeping in, dancing. DISLIKES: spiders, ignorance, people who run their mouths, almonds, humidity, foreign language, double standards, straw hats, Chevy Avalanches, people who don't use their turn signals, close-mindedness, politics, westerns, liars, backstabbers, manipulators, golf pencils, power outages, beer, allergies, bees/wasps/anything else that can sting me, stereotypes, dial up internet, Miley Cyrus, english muffins, Save-A Lot, too much sunshine, the natives in movies that are always really creepy, most trends, back massages, guys who wear socks with sandals, silence, people who think they know everything, socks, saran wrap, scary drunk people, yelling, Napoleon Dynamite.

Username:crashcrashcrash25 (user #336964)
Interests:None Listed.
Last Login:Saturday, June 1, 2013
Created:2010-03-14 20:48:51
I smoke:Never
I drink:Sometimes
Ethnicity:White or Caucasian
Body Type:Few Extra Pounds
Education:No Answer

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