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Im single, im a pretty chill person, i like to meet new people, although i can be very shy. Im really nice though, and im easy to get along with but i wont deal with people treating me bad. Ive been through alot between friends, and boyfriends, so even if i may look young and dumb, i can assure i have alot of common sense, and im far from stupid. =]

So far right now my goal is just to find a job, save up for college, and just get my life started, and find a man to share my life with.

Right now, i want .. people to stop lying to me, and treating me bad. I want a job ever so badly cuz im bored with my life. And I want friends, real friends, people i can trust, and can have a good time with, and just be myself with without having to worry bout getting stabbed in the back, or talked about. I want a man who wont cheat, or lie to me all the damn time, let alone at all but i know thats impossbile. I want someone to be with, and just be happy with, and someone to love and love me back eventually. I want to go to college and im not totally sure what for yet, but i am very much into writing and cooking. Im not sure what i would major in.

So far, ive made it to year 18. For me thats deff an accomplishment with everything ive been through so far. Yes i know people have it worse then me. Im just sayin.. in my life.. not the whole worlds. I graduated from a pretty rediculous high school, but its improving i guess. I got away from a bf that was pretty much no good for me and totally held me back.

My favorite colors are green and pink, my favorite number is 7, my favorite action movie is boondock saints, my favorite funny movie is super troopers, my favorite romance is pride and prejudice, my favorite musical is across the universe, my favorite scary movie is house on haunted hill. My favorite song is always diff, my favoritte tv show is family guy, my favorite type of music is r&b, my favorite drink is coke, alcohol is soco, and food is spaghetti. Ask me anything else.

Username:cottoncandii (user #322989)
Interests:(9) Boys, doing the online thing, drinking, etc., hanging out with friends, listening to music, meeting new people, playing video games, shopping
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Created:2009-01-26 16:16:05
I smoke:Sometimes
I drink:Sometimes
Ethnicity:White or Caucasian
Body Type:Petite
Education:High School Grad
Wouldn't Mind:Friendships
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