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peanut butter and committment. -i don't like pink but i'll wear it anyways. -my middle name is brooke -i like photography -i play DDR -i read comic books -i have fairly odd parent and batman bandaids(RIP, i need more) -i scrunch my nose a little when i laugh - I like the word FUCK and i like to add in on to other words to make new words

To finish school and to become a professional photographer or something in graphic design.


Music, pictures, cartoons, comic books.

Username:charlesbronson (user #145567)
Interests:(118) 80's dancing. backrubs, adult swim, anti-love, barbeques, barnes and nobles, beanies, black and white films, books, boys, brandon lee, breakdancers, bright undies, camping, candels, candy necklaces, cartoons, cds, cheesy 70's horror miovies, cheesy pick up lines, cheesy pop music, chris roe, comic books, conor oberst, cookie dough ice cream, cuddling, davey havok, dawsons creek, drawing, drawing, drawing nude figures, dreaming, drum sticks, erotic books, existentialism, eyes, fictional books, films in french, flirting, food lion (where i work), french vanilla cappichinno, friends, fun, geneocide, going to shows,midnight runs for chineese food, grilled cheese, guns, guys in tight shirts, hands, hip bones, homicide, japaneese food, jeans, jokes that has no real point but you can't help but laugh at, journals, kids, kissing, knives, lips, memories, midnight, mind, misspelling, mixtapes, models, movies, movies, murder, music, my virginity, nick names, night, ninja turtles, old photographs, paintball, paris in flames, pepsi with lime, pictures. metal, pierces repeating myself, playing with my tounge, power rangers (old), rain, rain, records, REFEER MADNESS, running, scarves, seduction, serial killers, sex stories, simple one line jokes, sleep, sleeping, snail mail, soy milk, starburst, stomachs, suckers, sunglasses, swords, taking nude pictures of people, taking pictures, tank tops, tattoos, teasing, tight shirts, toys, turkey sandwhiches, twizzlers, typos, vampires, warm, watching cartoons with someone, wind, womens curves, writing, yoga, zombie movies, zombies
Last Login:Thursday, January 26, 2006
Created:2006-01-26 11:38:43
I smoke:Never
I drink:Sometimes
Ethnicity:White or Caucasian
Body Type:Average
Education:In High School
Wouldn't Mind:Friendships
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