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Hi. My name is Tiffany Gray, and I love to write. I'm 22 years old. I have been writing since I was 12 years old. Back then, my stories were child-like and short. I loved to write about meeting my favorite characters from my favorite shows, and becoming best friends with them, like Ojo from Bear in the Big Blue House. As I got older, my stories slowly matured. I always loved to write stories that touch people. Now, I write more adult stories. They're deeper, longer, more dramatic, and more mature. Usually, my stories are about one of those truly good, once-in-a-lifetime, genuine people, and in the stories, they change other people's lives. Sooner or later, something happens to this person that really makes you think about how these people are taken for granted, and how there should be a lot more people like them in the world. If there were, it would be a way better world. I am only posting my most emotional stories on this site. I hope I touch many people's hearts and lives. In my stories, I often mention music, because as well as writing, I also have a passion for music and singing. In many stories, some popular songs are mentioned, such as You Raise Me Up. I love to imagine what my stories would be like if they ever became movies. I pick out a cast of actors for each character, and I create a soundtrack of songs that match the story. If in the story, a character is singing a song I choose, I tell you the actor's name who is singing the song, and I acknowledge the original artist as well. I also love to create pictures for the story. I take pictures of the actors, and I mix them up to make them look like part of the story. I'm afraid to post the photos, though, because I'm afraid I'll get accused of copyright violation. I try to be really careful about that. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy my stories, and I hope they touch you deeply. I hope I can reach people with my writing. I'm not one of those once-in-a-lifetime kinds of people, but I know a few, and they inspire me to write about what they do for others. I try to be nice, though, but I'm not amazingly nice. Enjoy!

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