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Self Overview:

Change is the only thing that ever stays the same,don't you know?

I'm more than just a paragraph on bzoink,ha, at least I hope.
I'm an optimistic person,however sarcastic I seem.I'll be whomever you need me to be,whenever.I'm a chill person who gets excited easily,lmao. I think in great detail,but most people don't understand what about or how I do,hell I don't either,nor do I want to.I have no regrets-just lessons to learn from.I grew up as Daddy's girl. the Night sky makes me happy. my friends are the shit,yo (: if you hurt anyone of them,don't expect you'll get away with it.I'm the whitest person you'll ever meet,ha.I go to West,cause it's besttt.I use wacky lingo,like grand and dandy! None of what I say should matter,so I state my opinion often.People judge me quick,alright,that's your choice.I got myself some trust issues,and a rough past,but hey,life goes on.I'm a Charter geek,forever,and it shows often! I'm an extremely clumsy person. My little sister is the most beautiful thing in the entire universe. I'm most often jealous. SUMMER '09 is here! I'm ready for anything,so let me know what's up (: talkkk to me,I don't bite (unless you're into that kinda stuff) ahaa.or ask forrr my number to text!


secret number seven:I feel that very few people know what "reality" truly is,heck,true,honest,pure, all of that is unrecognizable to most.I wish I could say I want to change that for them,but this tenderness that appears in me can't allow it,because I want innocense,innocense is not genuine,it is not real.

secret number six:Trusting myself is almost as hard,if not harder than trusting the government in my opinion,so I'm working on that.This secret is more of a question of patience than anything else. I imagine that love would be nothing without trust,which is why I doubt myself so often in what and whom I truly need and love..

secret number five:I ramble and I rant often for many different reasons,sometimes it's to fill the awkward silences and other times it's me letting out what I'm truly feeling,even though the way I say it may seem to be said jokingly.I advise you to listen to the words I utter when I smile big and talk fast,because that's my soul pouring from me.

secret number four:I may seem confident because I'm loud,no,that's not why I'm confident,I am this way because I don't see any reason not to have faith in what I say,mean what I do,and accept who I am.

secret number three:I've learned that weakness is apart of us all,and that reconnecting to our strength is understanding what makes us fall and allowing it to survive,while we let what keeps us standing thrive. For if we act as if we will not stand because we've fallen,then we might as well sit on our asses and never strive to go anywhere.

secret number two:I do stupid things so that I can prove to myself and others that I realize life isn't about knowing it all,it's about experience,because experience is a teacher beyond all others.

secret number one:I have anxiety about any little thing,I'm not a shy person,but I do have a tendency to fear,I take a lot of risks to overcome all that I am afraid of,because I believe that I deserve to be able to accomplish what I want,and in doing so,I must see the world differently,not as an obsticle to wish away,but an opportunity to fulfil my dreams.

happiness (:

to be confident in knowing that i am loved.

yes,well then. haha


Username:casady (user #328995)
Interests:(1) everythinnng!
Last Login:Tuesday, December 1, 2009
Created:2009-06-07 09:42:23
I smoke:Never
I drink:Sometimes
Ethnicity:White or Caucasian
Body Type:Average
Education:In High School

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