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Self Overview:
I'm a respectful person, I'm kind to everyone until I have the right to be unkind. I give everyone a second chance, though. I'm intelligent. Book smart and street smart. I know how to kick ass, and I read on a college level. I know how to pronounce everything, pretty much. And I'm a great speller, as well as a Grammar Nazi. I'm quiet. I don't go out of my way to make friends, I really only have one friend in real life to be honest, and he's actually my boyfriend, but I socialize a lot online.. haha. I have a sense of humor. Respect it or gtfo. I'm a tomboy. Skater girl. Gamer. Rocker. Y'know?

To complete college. I don't care about anything else. I'd like to get married someday, though.

To be happy.

I've done a lot of things in my time.

Music: The Beatles, Nirvana, Foo Fighters, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, and others. Food: Bacon, potato chips, and fruit.

Username:bystander (user #344523)
Interests:(9) animals, art, basketball, music, nature, photography, poetry, skateboarding, video games
Last Login:Tuesday, May 8, 2012
Created:2012-04-27 03:55:44
Preference:Not Sure
I smoke:Never
I drink:Never
Ethnicity:White or Caucasian
Body Type:Petite
Children:They're great, but no thanks
Education:In High School
Wouldn't Mind:Friendships
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