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"I live for the nights I can't remember with the people I'll never forget" Ima Josie, im in year 10. Single and hating the long search, love is saved for fairy tales. Dont judge me before you know me lovelys! You can make up what you will, and think what ever you want, but im nothing you'd expect and im far from first percieved. I cant spell for shit, i had to ask josh haha. Im probley the most ticklish person alive ^-^ I have the worst mood swings somedays. I have arachnophobia. I eat too much, but am extremely self consious. Im starting to give up on trust. I've always trusted to soon and watched them leave to fast ! I give out second chances to easy, and hate fighing with friends. Im usally happy and laugh at everything. Im the worst for cracking knukles ; and biting my nails. Im in love with all piercings and tattoos. I dance way to much, loves a good shuffle with brooke ;P I get paranoid about everything, and stress a fair bit. I party alot and drink too much. But my life is the way it is, never easy but take it as it comes.

Drinking, Partying, Dancing, Photography, Music.

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